CSS Pocket Reference

ISBN: 0596007779
ISBN 13: 9780596007775
By: Eric A. Meyer

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About this book

More proof that good things come in small--and sometimes even inexpensive--packages: the "CSS Pocket Reference" has been completely revised and updated to reflect the latest Cascading Style Sheet specifications, CSS2 and CSS2.1.An indispensable reference for web designers and developers, this slim little book covers the essential information needed to effectively implement CSS, with an introduction to the key concepts of CSS and a complete alphabetical reference to the CSS2 and CSS 2.1 properties. And since browser incompatibility is the biggest CSS headache for most developers, it also includes an invaluable chart displaying detailed information about CSS support for every style element across all browsers. For anyone who wants to correctly implement CSS, this book condenses all the details in its companion volume, "Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide," into one easy-to-use cheat-sheet.The "CSS Pocket Reference" delivers just the CSS details that you need to complete the task at hand. When you're stuck and want an answer quickly, the tiny "CSS Pocket Reference" is the book you'll want by your keyboard or in your back pocket. (Yes, it really does fit in a back pocket, but it's too useful to stay there long.)

Reader's Thoughts


Not to geek out...but this book is an indispensible (sp?) tool. Such a great little, quick, reference.


A great quick css reference.

TK Keanini

very handy. Don't leave /home without it.

Barry A

the never ending journey...


This book has definitely been invaluable to me in expanding my knowledge of CSS over the years. There seems to always be something new to learn about CSS. In fact I was reading through it pretty well every day on the bus one summer.


This is an amazing reference and every web designer should have a copy. Its arranged very well and is easy to tote around. Could have used some kind of visuals for the CSS properties, but it is only pocket size. If you don't have a copy, you should really get one!Only gave three stars because its just a reference (although it is a must own). Take a star off if you're a visual learner and add one if you like dry programming books.


This is the first edition of this book. I went looking for it specifically, well after I knew enough CSS 2.1 to work without a book (most of the time) because this is the CSS that older browsers understand, if they understand any at all (it depends on the browser, and just how old it is). I hardly use this book, but I wouldn't be without it.


Great reference for CSS. This book doesn't go real deep, but is nice to have for a "flip-through" guide.

Lala Hulse

Absolutely indispensable. This travels with me almost everywhere, literally. I may not always have a quarter to call home, but I always have my CSS Pocket Reference.

Oscar Sánchez

When starting on CSS language, this is the book you want by your side, always. Excelent reference guide.


This is the second most used book in my library, outshined only by a notebook where I keep notes on all things I'm forever having to look up.CSS: The Definitive Guide is an awesome reference, but a bit bulky to take on trips, or to have on your desk all the time. This little gem steps in and rescues me regularly.I also have the first edition, so I can look up the CSS that older browsers recognise.


A handy, quicky guide. Especially usefully when Google isn't immediately accessible.

Rowan Evenstar

A good quick reference. But not something I have used in years as googling is faster than going to get this book.Nice to keep on my bookshelf tho.


quick, what's the syntax for that one element i hardly ever use but suddenly need to know! like a french-english dictionary to the non-native speaker wandering paris. whether on hand for quick reference, or to guide css-beginnners, this is an indispensable informative tiny bible to have nearby in my office.

T Wechy

The perfect accessory to any web designer. Brilliant quick reference reminder.

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