ISBN: 1899344454
ISBN 13: 9781899344451
By: Stewart Home

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Reader's Thoughts

Chus Martinez

the great post modern take on the picaresque novel ever, on the road with a cunt in search of cunt...


I first read this novel on a plane trip from London to NYC in November 2001. And had great trouble stifling my guffaws.This is the story of a bloke who's matter-of-factly going around re-shagging all his old conquests in order to write a book about it all. Those lucky ladies, by the way, all have "fishy" names. Mr Home certainly provides terrific customer service by keeping his readers well sated with sex scenes--in which the characters then, inevitably, bonk in language that is much the same every time (& book to book too) but which never loses its amusement appeal.Now you can write whatever scholarly thesis you want on this book, & dig out all kinds of deep cultural & semiotic meaning. But you'll never be able to obscure the fact that this is such a terrifically funny novel that can be read over & over again with no lose of enjoyment. At least, that's what I think about "Cunt".


I think this was Home's attempt to see how many sex scenes he could include in a novel. He succeeded.

Stewart Home

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