Cut to the Twisp

ISBN: 1882647033
ISBN 13: 9781882647033
By: C.D. Payne

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Reader's Thoughts


i finally got this through mel only to learn that it is not a story, but a collection of excerpts not published in the earlier books. not cool.


"When it comes to the NIck Twisp novels by C.D. Payne, I find them to be quite a humorous read. So far, I have read the first to fourth books in series with pure satisfaction. So when reading Cut to the Twisp, I found it more to be a compliment than a stand-alone. In all respects, the novel itself needs to be included with the original for better understanding on why Payne excluded the journal entries.I have to be honest and state I really didn't spend as much time with the neglected journal entries though I did go through quite a few of them. Some of the entries can be repetitive or filler thus why they weren't included. Nevertheless, there were some jewels that could have fit better in other parts of Nick Twisp's story, just not where it was inteded for.The short stories is where Payne shines the most within this novel. Though the missing journal entries are entertaining, they are more so for fan service than anything else. I cannot think of a casual reader purchasing, or even borrowing this book. This is why I think the short stories were included. They showed off Payne's diversity in writing and ability to change up his writing style. This makes the short stories a worthwhile experience one after another. The only setback is the changes between stories can be very dynamic making the short stories a possible ""hard read"" for some.In the end, I would have to give this a high score for fan appreciation and fan service but only for those two. At a high-end paperback price of almost $10, I find this novel can be below satisfaction for some. I would have sold the novel at $5 max because it is nothing on the continuation of the story. The short stories on the back - though awesome in their own right - are limited to just an average of 50 pages. Get this novel if you really like C. D. Payne's novels or have a collection. I suggest buyer's caution for everyone else."

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