D.W. Thinks Big

ISBN: 0316109223
ISBN 13: 9780316109222
By: Marc Brown

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About this book

He's been on the scene in your stores and selling in big numbers for almost twenty-five years: Arthur, the bestselling aardvark. Now his Emmy award-winning, number-one rated children's TV show, Arthur, has catapulted his book sales to new heights. Arthur has sold in the past, continues to sell in record numbers in the present, and Now Little, Brown offers a fantastic promotion to make sure Arthur and D.W. will be star performers this fall and always. The promotion features an eye-catching display, extensive print and television advertising, and lots of prizes for booksellers and customers, too.Arthur's been around for almost twenty-five years, and if he's going anywhere, it's up -- in sales and in the ratings! Stay tuned to Little, Brown for more adventures from loveable Arthur, his sister, D.W., and their pals, for now and always.

Reader's Thoughts

Kathryn Hogan

Cute book. I like how they use the context of just because she is smaller does not mean she is not just as importatn. I loved the illustrations, come on of curse its Marc Brown. The storyline was very cute and it would be great for a personal reading for any student.

Brandy Reed

The first time I went to Disneyland I wanted to go on every ride. I was only three years old at the time and because I was very short I unfortunately was not allowed to go on some of them. Being told you’re too little to do something is the absolute worst! In D.W. Thinks Big, D.W. knows exactly how this feels. It is the day of her aunt’s wedding and it seems as though everyone has been assigned a job except for her. Her older brother Arthur is the ring bearer, her cousin is the flower girl, and D.W. isn’t allowed to do anything. She is not having fun at all but eventually the wedding ceremony begins. As Arthur is walking down the aisle, the ring bounces off his pillow and roles into a vent. Everyone tries to get it but no one is small enough to reach where it is. Finally D.W. is turned to and she volunteers to stick her hand down the vent to reach it. She is the perfect size! D.W. saves the day because she is wonderful just the way she is. I loved reading D.W. Thinks Big and feel that it is a awesome children’s book. Oftentimes parents or other friends will tell kids that they can’t do a specific task because of something about them. D.W. proves this to be untrue and unfair as she rises above all of the negative comments she was receiving and grabs the ring. From the beginning this story started out with a captivating plot line. Character development was able to occur as the story jumped right into the trials D.W. was facing. As a reader, I was able to follow along her emotional journey as the story progressed and D.W. overcame the struggle of character vs. society. I also enjoyed how the plot took its audience to different settings and introduced multiple characters throughout the book. The color scheme was also a huge component as well. When D.W. was mad the colors were more bright oranges and reds where if she was happy, there were more calm yellows and purples. Overall I thought that D.W. Thinks Big was a very effective children’s book. Not only will kids enjoy the fun read but they will also be inspired to never let what others say get them down. I highly recommend this great book.




good early reader, using text to relate to the television show

Andd Becker

Heartwarming illustrations of aardvarks and rabbits accentuate the message in the book. The theme is that everyone has a purpose. Arthur's sister tries and tries to get noticed, but everyone ignores her. Everyone except D.W. is busy with wedding preparations. D.W. feels alone until something happens that requires her to assume a starring role. Parents and teachers can have children practice counting aardvarks, rabbits, and bows. Adults can encourage children to study facial expressions and body language. Improvement of visual literacy skills will result from a careful study of the illustrations.

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