Daddy Calls Me Man

ISBN: 0531071758
ISBN 13: 9780531071755
By: Angela Johnson Rhonda Mitchell

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About this book

Inspired by his family experiences and his parents' paintings, a young boy creates four poems.

Reader's Thoughts


Here is a series of beautiful and simple poems about a young boy and his family relationships. As suggested in the title, the focus is on the relationship with his father, however the poems also transcend other family members. Illustrations are fairly abstract and convey the warm feelings that are shared.A good bedtime read, particularly for minority families. Also a fine storytime book to present around family themes holidays (I.e. Father's Day)


This story is about a young boy who really wants to wear big shoes. He thinks that wearing big shoes will make him a man so he fantasizes all about them. This is a great story to read strictly for the illustrations alone, they are amazing.

Zinnada Hodges

This book wasn't what I thought. I thought it was going to be a nice story talking about a father and his son's relationship. When I read it to my boys, I was disappointed.

Jasmine Robinson

The main idea in this story is that everyone calls the narrator different things. He is a little brother and a big brother, he is his mommy’s sweetheart, and he is a child, but the fact that his daddy calls him man is something personal and something that he holds on too. The main character in the book s the narrator, the little boy (his name is not given.) This genre can actually be nonfiction. The pictures in the book are not real life pictures, but the story and events can be real life. I would use this text in the classroom by practicing rhyming words. This book is a rhyming book and there are many different rhyming words in the book. Ex: on one page the words are swirl and twirl. On another page the words are sky and why. As a class we can go over the different words and their different sounds the words make. The students can interact with the book by telling me what do they do that is special with their dad’s or that special father figure in their life. The author, Angela Johnson’s, life relates to this book because she writes about African American families and she puts it in a poetic style frame. The words rhyme and the poems have meaning. She makes all of her characters to be realistic and positive. The illustrator, Rhonda Mitchell, has an African American background and her pictures depict the color of the African American skin very well. This is a good book to teach about the African American culture and how their families interact with one another.

Cara Byrne

This is a nice, quick read about a young boy's relationship with his father, mother and two sisters. At times, the content seem disjointed, and while the boy's feelings about his father frame this story, there seems to be more depth in his relationship with his mom. I really enjoyed Rhonda Mitchell's paintings - they are colorful, life-like, and tell their own story while accompanying Johnson's words.

Ericka Fluellen

Picture book about a young boy and his relationship with his father. Illustrations are vivid and life like!

Paul Hankins

Four short poems chronicle the important elements of a young boy's life from his shoes, to the moon that guides him into sleep, to the baby sister. . .and finally, how he is regarded by his mother and his father.



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