Danger on Midnight River (World of Adventure, #6)

ISBN: 0440410282
ISBN 13: 9780440410287
By: Gary Paulsen Steve Chorney

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About this book

When his camp van crashes into a raging river, Daniel Martin is plunged into a frightening position. Suddenly the campmates who call him "dork breath" and "retard" because he is a slow learner are depending in him for survival. Daniel could save himself. Or risk everything to try to rescue the bullies too. Night is approaching, and desolate mountains surround them. Even if the boys do make it to shore, their dangerous ordeal is just beginning.

Reader's Thoughts


I have always enjoyed the adventure stories of Gary Paulsen and this is another great one. Daniel and three other boys are lost in the wilderness when their camp bus crashes. Daniel is a slow learner at school, but knows a great deal about surviving in the wilderness. The three boys he is stranded with have bullied him in the past, but they are now dependent on Daniel for survival. This is a great adventure story as well as a great story about friendship.


Kyle Conway Per.3 “Danger on Midnight River,” is the SSR book that I have been reading in class. It is a very adventuress book filled with action written by the notorious, Gary Paulson. The main character of the book is a thirteen year old, mamma’s boy who has no true friends, his name is Daniel Martin. His mom signs him up for a summer camp and on the bus ride there his three arch enemies at school step on the bus. In the beginning of the story the careless bus driver takes a wrong turn and wonders way out of the way ending up on some old rigid bridge. The bridge buckles under the massive weight of the bus, leaving the four children and the soon to be dead bus driver swimming for their lives down the rapids of the river that was below them. Dany and the other three children make it to shore. Over the five years that Daniels father has been gone, his uncle Smitty who lives in the Rockey Mountains has been teaching him about the outdoors and survival techniques that may have to come into play and save him and his three class mates. Over the course of a few days he leads his three class mates out of the forest and soon knows how it feels to have true friends.

Wendy Whitney

Good lessons about dealing with bullies and developing friendships and sticking together. 1 hour audio

Zach Costello

This book was a good book filled with action. A group of kids get in a crash and go into a river and have to try and find their way home. Only one kid knows how to survive and what to do in the wilderness. The other three are bullies to him in school. Can they all get along and find their way back home? This book is for kids who like adventure and the outdoors.

Mike P

Danger on midnight river is a thrill ride. If you like camping slash surviving stories, this book is just for you. I liked this story because it's short and a book you are excited to read. This book doesn't take long too read, but it's very enjoyable!

Mjlibrary NDSCS

A staff favorite recommended during Library Week 2012


Very esay and a great book!

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