Daniel’s Mystery Egg

ISBN: 0152048456
ISBN 13: 9780152048457
By: Alma Flor Ada G. Brian Karas

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About this book

Daniel finds an egg. What kind of animal will this mystery egg hatch? Imaginations run wild as the kids in Daniel’s class guess what sort of surprise the egg has in store.

Reader's Thoughts


Daniel found an egg. He showed his friends the egg. After a bunch of them, the egg cracked and a lizard came out. I loved this book.


I would recommend this to any new reader, especially those named Daniel!

Andrea Labonte

Not the best book.

Sarah Stumphf

This is a simple story, easy to read for beginners. Even as a bedtime story for a little one, the picture inspire the imagination, and get you wondering, "Just what exactly IS in that egg?" Very cute.

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