Danny and the Dinosaur Book and CD

ISBN: 0060786876
ISBN 13: 9780060786878
By: Syd Hoff

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About this book

Read along with your favorite I Can Read Book characters!I Can Read Books are the premier line of beginning readers encouraging children to learn-and love-to read. Featuring award-winning authors and illustrators, I Can Read Books offer a full spectrum of entertaining stories for every stage of a child’s reading development.Now the beloved characters and adventures from this popular line of books come to life with I Can Read Book and CDs. Each package includes a best-selling beginning-reader storybook and a lively audio recording featuring:Word-for-word narration Music and sound effects One version with turn-the-page signals One version of uninterrupted reading

Reader's Thoughts


Kid has a dinosaur. How friggin' great is that? I like that when Danny gets the dinosaur, he chooses to ride it around town, much like you might if you'd just acquired, say, a new moped. Sure, you could alert the media and become a overnight sensation and a historical footnote, or somehow contain the dinosaur and make a handsome living charging admission. You could even assume that you've lost all control of your mental faculties, and flee gibbering into the woods, subsisting on checkerberry and using a pointy rock and a poplar branch to fashion a chipmunk bludgeon that in the back of your mind you know you'll never get up the guts to use. But why put yourself (and the dinosaur, for that matter) through all that when you could simply hop on and take him out for a spin, leaving a sprightly trail of charmingly illustrated mayhem in your wake, and no doubt all but depleting the town's already meager budget.

Rosa Cline

Danny goes to a museum and he sees all sorts of things. He comes to the dinosaurs and wishes that one would be real and one is. He goes and spends the day with Danny doing all kinds of fun stuff. At the end of the day they each go back to their homes remembering the great day they've had.


While I may be an adult, this was my first book when I began reading. Thanks to Danny and the Dinosaur, I live to read books and it was all because of a summer day back in Michigan when I stayed in my room to try and sound out the word "eskimo".


I like that Danny and the dinosaur are so ... nice. They're interested in helping people, and it's fun, even so many years later, to think of what helpful things a dinosaur could do.


I imagine this was a charming book when it was released in the late fifties. I suppose I can see the appeal. It's a simple book for kids who are learning to read. It has a goofy looking dinosaur. It has a polite little kid. And they have fun little adventures in some nondescript American city.But it's not the fifties anymore, and I am a jaded bastard who likes his kids books on the salty (or maybe just interesting) side. So the sweet dino and the sweet boy are like the syrupy skein of goo at the back of the tongue after 5 cans of warm, flat Dr. Pepper. Every once in a while I get a craving for Dr. Pepper despite that coating, and the same thing happens with Danny and the Dinosaur. I gorge myself, hate the after taste, then wait a year or two for the craving to return. Lately, though, my little Scoutie's developing a taste for Danny and the Dinosaur, so the book is overstaying its welcome, and the after taste is making me gag. I'm going to try and redirect her into Harold and the Purple Crayon. Wish me luck.


One day Danny goes to the museum. He likes the dinosaurs best and wishes that he could have one of his own. And in all good books, Danny gets his wish and gets to spend a day with a dinosaur. They play games and eat together. But at the end of the day the dinosaur needs to go back where he is needed and Danny is left to go home, but knowing that he doesn't have room for a dinosaur.Great for early readers who are ready for short sentences and short chapters.


I liked this story that Mike had read as a child. It is a fun adventure for a boy wanting to play with a dinosaur. I told Mike that I know why he likes this book - it has ice cream, rowing and baseball in it! He hadn't read it in several years so had forgotten about those elements of the book.

Nicola Mansfield

Danny visits the museum and when he gets to the dinosaur display a real dinosaur pops out and asks Danny to play with him. So off they go through the town having lots of fun ending up playing hide 'n' seek with the neighbourhood children but as sunset comes along everyone must go home including the dinosaur who must get back to the museum. This is one of the original "I Can Read" books that has stood the test of time. What little boy doesn't go through the dinosaur stage? This silly story is a load of fun and can be enjoyed by any age. Syd Hoff was one of the great children's author/illustrators and his works will never go out of print. Some of the PC persuasion may find the display of the "Indian" and "Eskimo" offensive, but the rest of us will enjoy a good old-fashioned timeless classic. One word of note though, buy yourself an old secondhand copy if possible. The new reprints have been recolourized with dark full-colour illustrations rather than the light pencil crayon effect of the originals.

Lisa Vegan

This book came out when I was 4 or 5 and I’ll bet I read it when I was young, but I don’t remember it. I hope that I read it when I was 5 or 6 or 7; I would have absolutely loved it.It’s a very cute story, very 1958, but I think today’s young readers will enjoy it too. The text is good for early readers, and younger children will enjoy having this read to them.Most kids like dinosaurs and the dinosaur here is adorable. He’s endearing, friendly, helpful, and he uses correct grammar too. He’s funny too, if you get the jokes.The illustrations are really great; they’re a lot of fun. I read this for July’s Children's Books group Picture Books Club. This month’s theme: dinosaurs.


I LOVED this book as a child & enjoyed sharing it with my own daughter.


"Danny and the Dinosaur" is a New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year Award by Syd Hoff and it is about how a young boy named Danny starts playing with a friendly dinosaur who has come to life when in a museum that Danny goes to. "Danny and the Dinosaur" is a true masterpiece for many children who love books about dinosaurs!Syd Hoff has done an outstanding job at both illustrating and writing this book. Syd Hoff's illustrations are both creative and cute at the same time as the dinosaur that Danny encounters looks extremely friendly and the dinosaur's body would usually take up the pages that he is on and Danny himself is an extremely cute and friendly looking child as he always has a smile on his face when he is around the dinosaur. Also, what made Syd Hoff's illustrations truly creative is that there would be a set of two pages that are mainly in brown, black and white and then the next set of two pages would be in all kinds of color, which is a similar format that Madeline's Rescue had. Syd Hoff makes this story extremely cute and heartwarming at the same time as Danny learns about the true meaning of friendship when he spends much of his day with the dinosaur and enjoys his time spent with the dinosaur. Syd Hoff also made this book highly creative as this was one of the few children's books that I have read where a human child talks to a dinosaur like a human being and Syd Hoff has made the interaction between the dinosaur and Danny so heartwarming as Danny and the Dinosaur act like true best friends."Danny and the Dinosaur" is truly one of the greatest books about dinosaurs ever created and it would be a huge hit for children who love dinosaurs and learning the true meaning of friendship. I would recommend this book to children ages three and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this book and the writing format of this book is extremely simple for three year olds and up to read.

Miloš & Brontë

Papa: So...Miloš: I really liked that they had fun together, and not did not have fun. Papa: Okay, what else?Miloš: Actually, that was it. Okay, Pa. Papa: Okay. (But I would like to mention that this book is 64 pages long and contains the first page Miloš has ever read without pictures. The boy is a reading fiend).

Matthew Richards

El libro fue ofensivo en partes. El pueblo inuit no son "esquimales" y no deben ser en un museo al lado de osos. Pero el resto del libro fue encantador y ayudóme aprender espanol.


The story here is interesting. A dinosaur comes to life at a museum and spends the day playing with Danny. My son thought that would be pretty dang cool. The real value isn't in the story though, but in being an easy reader. Previously mentioned dinosaur loving son read this eagerly. It was a bit harder than previous books he'd read so he had to struggle a bit, but he wanted to read it and he did. So I'd say it's more a 'been reading for a while' book rather than a 'just learning to read' book.I could take this book or leave it. It worked for one kid, but the other one has absolutely no interest in it.

April Scheivelhud

This is a wonderful story for any child that loves dinosaurs. Danny finds a dinosaur in a museum that comes alive. He goes on all kinds of adventures with his new playmate. In the end then dinosaur has to go home. Danny is okay with that since his new friend is too big to stay in his house.

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