Dark Reunion (Redstone, Incorporated #6) (Silhouette Romantic Suspense #1452)

ISBN: 0373275226
ISBN 13: 9780373275229
By: Justine Davis

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About this book

Security agent Reeve Fox had never wanted to see Zack Westin again. Their mutual attraction had caused trouble the moment they met. And the last time she saw him was the most traumatic day in both their lives--he lost a son and she blamed herself. Now they've been reunited by their boss, Josh Redstone. Since they've been thrown together in an urgent case, their shared grief no longer has any boundaries left to cross--except for their decision as to whether it will divide them or unite them.

Reader's Thoughts


A year ago Reeve and Zack's world shattered. Someone murdered his sex-year-old son and she was too late to prevent it. While she broke down, he threw himself into his work...Now, they're working a missing-child case again. Together. And though their shared painful past brings memories to the surface yet again, the pain is not all they have to battle with...After three rather wobbly installments in the Redstone, Incorporated series, Ms. Davis struck gold yet again. This story had all it needed to succeed: great leading and supporting cast, wonderful pacing, a good, solid, and nicely-developed plot, great character interaction and chemistry, some emotional baggage, good investigative work, a cold-case that wasn't as cold as some would've wanted it, and a budding romance (and old attraction) to top it all off.The cold-case, murder of Zach's son was done gracefully and tastefully, despite the gory details, the progress Reeve made to dig herself out of the black hole of despair was nicely-portrayed, both Zach and Reeve's pain was heart-breaking and intensely depicted, and the way they helped each other deal and move on bitter-sweet.A wonderfully-written, nicely-crafted, intense story of a bond forged in hell that can endure anything life throws at it.

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