d’artiste Matte Painting: Digital Artists Master Class

ISBN: 1921002166
ISBN 13: 9781921002168
By: Dylan Cole Dylan Cole Chris Stoski Daniel P. Wade

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About this book

d'artiste Matte Painting presents the skills and techniques of leading Hollywood matte painters Alp Altiner, Dylan Cole, and Chris Stoski. The book takes readers through the matte painting techniques used to create breathtaking, photo-realistic sets and backdrops for films including Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Reader's Thoughts


(More pictures at parkablogs.com)Matte Painting is the third book in the d'artiste Digital Artists Master Class series. The series is actually a look at the process of creating art in tutorial style. This book presents Alp Altiner, Dylan Cole and Chris Stoski.Each artist has a biography written by themselves on their beginnings, education, inspiration, life and career in art. The tutorials that follow are very well captioned. They explain the style, idea and the execution. Each comes with a still from the work in progress. There are lessons on using photo reference for compositing and texturing, fixing perspective and other useful tips.Right after the tutorials is an invited artist gallery. That's where the 4 artist choose some of their favourite paintings from other artists and talk about them. This gallery is impressive. Let's just say talent shortage in the art industry is not a big problem.This book is fairly pricey, as with all Ballistic books. I think it's pretty worth the money, considering that finding tutorials like this on the Internet is nearly impossible.This review was first published on parkablogs.com. There are more pictures and videos on my blog.


Well, it's inspirational, for sure. The artwork featured inside is gorgeous and makes me want to pick up a tablet and try doing some simple matte paintings myself.This is not really a 'how' book; it's more of a 'why' book, explaining the artist's motives and dispensing tips on composition and why you ought to pay attention to this or that in your paintings. Because of this I think beginning artists shouldn't bother buying this book yet, as a lot of it will simply be out of their reach (in my case anyway).

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