Das Robbins Power Prinzip. Wie Sie Ihre wahren inneren Kräfte sofort einsetzen.

ISBN: 3812502003
ISBN 13: 9783812502009
By: Anthony Robbins

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About this book

By making personal achievement a science, Robbins guarantees results; his unique fusion of mind and body has led thousands to self-confidence and inner strength, professionally and personally.

Reader's Thoughts


A great reference book for those wanting to understand the power of the mind. There are a lot of NLP books out there, but Tony writes in a very motivational and uplifiting way. I still use this as a reference book in everyday life to go back and revisit some of the techniques. One of the top books in the field of personal achievement.


Take a minute---get a copy and a highlighter and read it.How do you beat the competition? You learn how they tick. How do you succeed? You learn how you tick.Great book.


As a leader of self-actualization seminars, Robbins trumpets the power of reframing your thoughts to recreate your reality. "Achievers tend to believe that no matter what happens, whether it's good or bad, they created it," he says. "No scientist can prove that our thoughts create our reality. But it's a useful lie. It's an empowering belief. That's why I choose to believe in it." (p. 75) He is clear that new thoughts need to be followed up with action. "If all we needed were ideas and positive thinking, then we all would have had ponies when we were kids and we would all be living our 'dream life' now. Action is what unites every great success." (p. 7)This 400-page book from the 1980s makes a few interesting practical claims. For example, he says that right-handed people and some left-handed people look up and left when asked to remember something visual that actually happened. They look up and right when asked to use their imagination to construct an image. They look up when thinking about things they like and down when thinking about things they dislike. This knowledge can be used, he says, to interpret someone else's thought patterns and to deliberately reprogram your own thoughts. For example, if you're trying to replace chocolate with carrots in your diet, learn to visualize carrots in the top left of your vision and chocolate in the lower left of your vision. (He does, in fact, recommend veganism for health reasons and includes a chart of recommended vegetables.) He also recommends distinguishing whether certain memories are visual, aural, kinesthetic, etc. because this will help you reprogram and redirect your thoughts and make new "anchors" (similar to what we might call "triggers" today).He notes that our personal values are shaped throughout our lives and we will be unhappy if we do not live consistently with them. We should list our most cherished values--especially in the context of relationships--and ask ourselves and our partners why those values are important. He outlines character traits that contribute to success: passion, belief, strategy, clarity of values, energy, bonding power, and mastery of communication. He says beliefs are formed through environment, events, knowledge, past results, and visualizing the future here and now.


I am really enjoying this book It really makes you stop and think about your life and how you react to things that happen in it. And helps you to over come your fear and things that are stopping you from fulling your with good things. Great read so far

Brandon Clay

It is hard to argue with perennial worldwide success!There is no doubt that Anthony Robbins is the standard-bearer for the psychology of achievement and success. I was exposed to him for the first time back in the late 80s from a Rolling Stone article. I believe there was a Michael Jackson or Prince feature and I ended up reading this about some wunderkind of 19 years of age.At that time, he was famous for the fire walks that people would take at the end of each session. While a metaphor for the ability to change, it may have initially labeled him incorrectly. Honestly, I thought he was a cult leader of some sort. Fast forward two years later - After seeing a late-night infomercial, I would buy the book Unlimited Power. The book would change my life, as it has millions of others.At the time I read the book, I had read at least 50 to 60 success classics. Names such as Wallace Wattles, Prentice Mulford, Catherine Ponder, James Allen, and many others of this genre. This was the first time to be exposed to a contemporary message of success, and that was part of his appeal to me – bringing new language to success.With a growing young family and blind ambition, I faced many difficult times, particualarly financially. The foundation that had been established by those Classics, and then the injection of Robbins' over-the-top enthusiasm, kept me motivated and inspired to keep pressing.Strangely, it was the televangelist Charles Stanley that reignited my goal setting sessions and brought me back to this book in 1990. I then purchased the unlimited power CDs and began using them along with my spiritual foundation. It was that combination that defined my approach to life - to live with no compromise and be balanced - mentally, physically, socially, spiritually and financially.As with each of us, my journey had great challenges, but through books like this one I ultimately found success and have achieved most of the goals I have written down. I have financial success, work that fulfills me, a great relationship with my wife and kids and have so much more to look forward to and that I want to achieve.I have even authored several books, including a psychology of success volume, and as many of us in this genre would have to acknowledge, Unlimited Power is an inspiration for those works.Though it was not written in the 1800s or early 1900s, like most of the success books on my shelf, I view this book as a must read and a classic!I would highly recommend this book!

Jared Mims

Fantastic book!!! It unveiled so much into the world of Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP) and goal setting. This book needs to be reread over and over again, you want to keep this material fresh in your mind. I might have to take it a step further and go to a seminar.

Zi Jie

Now. i am no professional book reviewer, but i believe this is by far one of the books that should definitely be read by anyone who wishes to improve quality of his life. Unlimited Power shows you ways which you can do so, primarily through his tactics of NLP. It may seem like a very foreign concept, but even for an A Level graduate with average results like me, the tactics mentioned are simple and easy to digest. What's more: they work. Not just limited to motivating one self, Unlimited Power teaches you to cure phobias, acheive a prolonged period of resourcefulness and energy, create rapport with others etc.Personally, i was a little skeptical at first when starting out, but with nothing to lose with my free time in camp, i borrowed the book from my friend and i must say, it was one of the best decisions in my life.

Mike Sambuco

This is my first purchase by Tony Robbins. I have previously watched a bunch of his on-line videos, and was impressed and interested, and wanted more. This is the abridged audio version, a mix of studio and live recordings. When I started listening to it, I was intrigued and was easily pulled in, but was left wanting much more when it was done. (Looking at the size of the book afterward, it looks to be briefly hitting highlights, as one hour cannot come close to covering all of the content of the 421-page book.) This is about producing results in our lives, through action. He looks at various things such as our belief system, discusses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP, how language effects our nervous system) modeling other successful people's traits, such as energy, passion, belief, clarity of values, and mastering communication. He teaches: The quality of our life is the quality of our communication - with ourselves and others. He gave an example of the Colonel Sanders story of his starting Kentucky Fried Chicken: Beginning as a retiree on social security, with nothing more than a good recipe and an idea - and being rejected 1009 times before getting his first franchise partner saying yes. I figure this is the low-cost, entry-level condensed version for busy people, to expose more people to Tony's message and help draw people to the "full meal deal experience." I'm impressed and looking forward to much more, so I'll be reading the full book and getting more audio products.

Mohamad Dahrouj

هذا بعض الكتاب لن أتكلم عنه استفدت منه كثيرا لكن كتابه الاخر ايقظ قواك الخفية افضل بكثير:النجاح:هو عملية مستمرة نحو تحقيق المزيد ، فهو فرصة النمو المستمر عاطفيا و اجتماعيا وروحيا ونفسيا وفكريا وماليا مع الأسهام - فى آن واحد بصورة إيجابية - فى حياة الأخرين ، إن طريق النجاح هو طريق التقدم وليس مجرد نهاية نصل إليها. )إما أن تشكل أنت مفاهيمك أو يشكلها لك شخص آخر ، وإما أنت تفعل ما تريد، أو تستجيب لما يخططه لك شخص آخر،وتشكيل المفاهيم يرجع إلى معتقد الشخص ، والفعل ناتج التصور والفهم. ) إن الحصول على أشكال معينة من المعرفة التخصصية ،هى سلعة القادة فى العصر الحديث. (إن التفكير الإيجابى ماهى إلا طاقة كامنة وتبقى كذلك ، حتى تصل إلى يد شخص يعرف كيف يحمل نفسه على إتخاذ الإجراء العملى الــفـعــال ) لـــــــــــــــــكـــــــــــــــــل جــــــــــهـــــــــد مـــــــــنــظم عــــــائــــــد مــــضــــاعـــــــف. ) إن من حققوا التميز والتفوق يتبعون " طريق الإصرار" على تحقيق النجاح لذا فإن الوصفة المثلى للنجاح هى:- 1- تحديد ما تريد على وجه الدقه ،وتنمية إحساسك بما يتحقق 2- الفعل أو العمل الذى لولاه لبقيت أمنياتك مجرد أضغاث أحلام. 3- سرعة أكتساب قدرة حسية إدراكية كبيرة تجاه الأعمال أو الأفعال للأهداف المرجوة . 4- أكتساب مرونة فى تغيير سلوكك من أجل الحصول على ما تريد . ( الصفات الرئيسية التى يتم غرسها فى النفس من أجل النجاح:- 1- الشغف الذى قد يصل إلى حد الهوس. 2- الإستراتجية وهى وسيلة لتنظيم الموارد. 3- الطاقة وقد تكون الإلتزام الصارم أو الحيويه....أو...... 4- إتقان و إجادة فن الإتصال مع نفسك ، بمعنى أنه مثلا إذا كانت حواس الجسم ترسل إشارات ، وكانت تفسر على أنها ألم أو قصور أو إرهاق ، فيمكن عن طريق الإتصال مع نفسك أن تغير معناها ويستمر فى التواصل مع الجهاز العصبى بصورة تجعل الجسم يستمر فى العمل. 5- محاكاة نماذج التفوق الشخصى ، والمحاكاة هى: أكتشاف ما يقوم به الناس على وجه الدقة لتحقيق نتيجة معينة وكــيـف تمكن هذا الشخص من تحقيق النتائج؟!


It was a really nice book with a lot of useful ideas and tactics. I already tried some of them and I'm pretty happy with the results. Definitely I read the book again in the future. Highly recommended.


Tony Robbins is one of those guys who made it big with little education. He's no scholar, has no college degree, and learned his methods (NLP from which his motivational technique "neuroassociative conditioning" came) as a self-taught mentee. He is one of those guys who rose to the top because of character, failure / success (which is a great motivator in itself), enthusiasm, and, of course, power. His power resides in his belief, his faith that NC is valid and works. To a great degree, it does. However, what is not addressed are those millions and millions of people who are not motivated, have never been motivated, and will never be motivated to achieve. Why? These failings begin in the early years of development and are based on a great deal and subsist to a great deal to failure at an early age to receive the conditioning needed. According to Robbins, only about 10% of those who listen to his tapes / CDs all the way through. He doesn't even mention how many who listen actually learn the methods / techniques therein and apply them on a consistent, ongoing basis. A major problem with the self-help industry, a problem I will take on through my product Give and Grow Yourself Rich and its follow up courses, seminars, coaching, and, most importantly, follow ups. ie: what are you doing now? Have you applied the techniques? How successful are you? And so on. Follow up and questioning to adjust where deficiencies lie is essential to anyone's success. Nevertheless, if you are able to apply what Robbins' preaches, you will improve, for his methods are sound and applicable to the lives of most.


This book is excellent... The first 400 pages are tips and concepts he covers in more detail in his seminars. But the last 20 pages of this book are so heartfelt and so moving... goodness... you have to read the book. I can't say enough good things about a man I barely know. My father is the greatest man that ever lived to me and everyday, I strive to become someone like him. The only other person that has made a material difference on the way I live my life is Tony Robbins. If you want answers... love, living with purpose, money, health... you gotta check out his seminar. Its the best money I have ever spent.

Pamela Wells

An oldie but goodie. This is a good starter book for people seeking to improve themselves and their life situation. Anthony Robbins is a wonderful motivator and the undisputed master of personal achievement. He will pump you up and get you going on YOUR path! If you want something more complicated, study "Neuro-linguistic Programming". Robbin's uses NLP as the foundation for his own success. I have read all of Anthony Robbins' books and this book was foundational in getting me motivated to write a dream list 12 years ago. In that time I have achieved all of my goals except for traveling around the world. Fortunately, I still have plenty of time left for that. As a result, I would highly recommend this book.


Reminded of this book recently. Its a very inspirational book though perhaps not completely new information. I would strongly recommend you give this book your complete your attention to get the best out of it, especially the beliefs chapter four, I didn't do this the first time I read this but when I read it more recently I did it and found it a much more whole brain experience.

Muahammad Paul

This is one of the most incredible books i have ever read. concepts and techniques of NLP(N euro-linguistic-programing)have been brilliantly explained by Anthony Robbins. His powerful examples and real life examples are very interesting to read.

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