David Carson 2ndsight

ISBN: 078930127X
ISBN 13: 9780789301277
By: Lewis Blackwell

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About this book

2ndsight is the sequel to The End of Print, the first monograph on David Carson's work. While The End of Print showed the world Carson's radical new approach, his rejection of the traditional 'rules' of communication, 2ndsight examines the creative process behind the work, and considers the broader implications of his intuitive approach to graphic design. Intuition is central to the book's thesis, and its meaning and influence is explored both in Lewis Blackwell's writing and in the evocative texts by leading designers and thinkers interspersed throughout the book. As well as presenting Carson's commercial work - his latest ideas in advertising, magazine and book design, web sites, film and video - 2ndsight examines work inspired by exhibitions, talks and workshops. The student workshops Carson conducts in design colleges around the world throw particular light on his creative process. The workings of these sessions are examined: their chief aim being not to teach computer skills or encourage participants to mimic the master, but to help them find their own voice. Finally, a conversation between Blackwell and Carson probes Carson's working methods - his collage technique of using two or more files at once on screen; of working in black and white; of moving to and from the computer, printing out each stage of a design before developing it further; his experimentation with the balance of type and image. Above all, his respect for intuition and his conviction that it is the key to truly individual graphic expression.

Reader's Thoughts


a great inspiration for pushing the limits of what design is and can be. a must have for the resource library.

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