Dawson’s Creek, Ein Langer, Heißer Sommer

ISBN: 3802526058
ISBN 13: 9783802526053
By: Kevin Williamson

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Reader's Thoughts


This book was really interesting. The events that happen make you want to read it more often and makes you a part of the book. I would recommend this book to 13-15 year old people.

Shizuka Yamauchi

1.Dawson's Creek, MACMILLAN, Level22.80min3.summer, girl, gorgeous, pool, lesson, sad, rescue4.Do you have any plan on this summer?-Yes, I'm going to visit Tohoku.5.This book was totally interestig. I think that these four guys(Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen) are really good friends. And I want to be strong and intelligent woman like Jen.

Takahiko Masuda

1.Dawson's Creek, MACMILLAN, Level22.85min3.summer, girl, guy, gorgeous, pool, friend, lesson4.How wss your this summer holidays? -I was very excited beacause I spent a lot of great time with my friends!5.After I finished to read this book, I started to want to meet my friends from way back. This book is very interesting. I think that the most important thing for our life is friends. The characters of this book have good friends. I believe that I have friends like that!!!


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