Dead Funny

ISBN: 0413683400
ISBN 13: 9780413683403
By: Terry Johnson

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1996 Arts Plays Drama Fiction Play Plays Savoy Seen Theatre To Read

About this book

The death of Benny Hill provides the impetus for this comedy about impotence, sex therapy, and the English sense of humour. Eleanor wants what Richard won't give her. Richard wants to be left in peace. Benny would rather rest in peace, but for tonight, at least, his fans won't let him.

Reader's Thoughts


I recently saw a production of this play at Third Rail Repertory Theater here in Portland and thought it was brilliant. I always have a hard time rating a play until I see it performed because I feel like so much is lost without its intended medium, but on the other hand, I love performance so much that I wonder if my ratings of the plays I do see are slightly exaggerated. The play itself was bitter and hilarious, and contained the most alarmingly serious food fight I've ever witnessed. A good one for anyone who likes their slapstick to be a two-by-four with a rusty nail in the end of it.

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