Dean Martin: King of the Road

ISBN: 1861058829
ISBN 13: 9781861058829
By: Michael Freedland

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About this book

Singer, actor, and member of the infamous Rat Pack, Dean Martin was a star who had it all—money, women, and fame. Now Michael Freedland looks at his life, his career, and his enduring appeal. Beginning with his Ohio childhood as a son of Italian immigrants, Freedland dispels the myths surrounding Martin, a consummate professional who worked hard to cultivate a reputation for laziness. The author, who had exclusive access to Martin's family and friends, includes interviews with the star’s wife Jeanne, his daughter Gail, and his comedy partner Jerry Lewis. Dean Martin: King of the Road offers a close-up look at an American icon, including his lifelong relationship with Frank Sinatra, the tragic death of his son, his relationships with the Kennedys and various Mafiosi, and his three marriages.

Reader's Thoughts


Dean Martin's coolness has created a bunch of books about him. Alas, this is not one of the good ones. There are proofreading errors (really, I don't think anyone proofed this before it went to print), the page numbers are smooshed together so that eights look like sixes, and timeframes seem to jump through black holes.For example, the author places Gary Cooper in the 1970s (even though he died in 1961) and quotes from previous decades end up in other decades. Very bizarre. Maybe I should have read this after several margaritas.Book Season = Summer (Dino deserves better)

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