Death Angel

ISBN: 1933515031
ISBN 13: 9781933515038
By: Martha Powers

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About this book

Kate and Richard Warner have a quiet life, a routine life, until the one afternoon that changes them forever. Within a few short hours they are thrust into the black hole of every parent's worst nightmare. Suddenly they are at the center of attention of their community, the media, and the police. Richard has been singled out as the primary suspect in a heinous crime that took more than an innocent life. With Richard as a suspect, Kate's life unravels into unbearable chaos, grief, and a whole new world of deception. After a second murder and Richard's disappearance, Kate sets out to find the killer in their midst and clear her husband's name. She begins to piece together an eerie puzzle, finding clues in the heart of her own community. In Death Angel anguish, suspicion and death combine in the horrifying aftermath of a vicious crime that pits a mother's love against a ruthless killer. In a stunning conclusion, Kate risks her own life to track down and kill the Death Angel.

Reader's Thoughts


The plot was good and kept me interested, ending was a giant let down

Marguerite Czajka

I really enjoyed this book. I hated to put it down. the ending is a little abrupt, but I liked that too.


I was disappointed by this book. I really don't know what my expectations were, only that this book didn't meet them. I did like the ending, though

Ron Vanover

First time to read Martha Powers and I was very impressed. Although it is based on a tragic event, the book leads you through all the emotions of the affected family, as well as all the police investigation, so you can try to figure out who the "bad guy" is. It kept you guessing throughout the entire book. I couldn't put it down (until I fell asleep).


great suspense just when thought you had the killer figured out the story proved your theory wrong. great ending with a climax kicked of who the true killer is.

Michelle T.

Love the book, very well written...


A real puzzling mystery with a surprise ending. Fast-paced and filled with emotion. The only problem was that there were no scene breaks when the story shifted from one location and set of characters to a completely different place with different characters. The scene breaks may have been lost in conversion to Kindle. I don't know if the same problem exists in other formats.

Lynda Kelly

I got bored with this and packed it in. The lead character was annoying the hell out of me. Her hubby is accused of a big crime and he lies to her and is pretty evasive and she came across as a bit of a fool for believing anything he said and I lost patience with her !! She may well have rightfully trusted him, I don't know, but she came across as weak and daft to me.I enjoyed the first part of the story but I got to 48% in and gave up.I did spot some apostrophe errors and in one place States should have had a capital letter and a couple of times words were misused such as "wakened her when he got up" when it should read he got back.I have another by her downloaded and will try that. It might be better.


I feel let down by this one


Again, good summer reading, so not bad. Quick.

Lacey Mitchell

This book was so sad.. and having a daughter that was the same age as the little girl in the book really broke home with me. I guess you can never be too careful!


Decent mystery/thriller that was a discounted Kindle deal, it does read a bit like a Lifetime "woman in peril" TV movie at times but has some good plot twists. After her young daughter is abducted and killed, her husband Richard becomes the main suspect. When he disappears, Kate wants to find the killer--who may be someone she knows, and clear her husband's name.


loving book bub, hooray for free kindling! liked this one... murder mystery, got a little scooby doo at the end but meh... was ok.

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