Death in the Silent Places

ISBN: 0312915373
ISBN 13: 9780312915377
By: Peter Hathaway Capstick

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Reader's Thoughts

Preston Fleming

What most people don't understand about big-game hunting in Africa is that the animals have a much better chance against the hunter than one might expect. The late Peter Hathaway Capstick was born in New Jersey but realized his boyhood dream of becoming a big-game hunter and safari guide in Africa. DEATH IN THE SILENT PLACES explains why each big-game animal is dangerous and then goes on to recount stories about contests that the animals won or lost. Once you've read any of Capstick's books, you will want to read the others. Nobody has written as colorfully or gut-wrenchingly as Capstick about stalking and being stalked by African big-game animals. (My favorite Capstickism: "The things you see when you don't have a rifle...") Recommended for open-minded adults and college and secondary school students who are willing to question the Disney view of animals in the wild.


All of Capstick's books are a thrill, and even if you aren't a hunter, you'll gain lots of insight into deadly animals, the lands they are from and the people in-and-around their habitats. The hunting is the way he chooses to convey the story...very thrilling stuff!


once i'd read the first one (see death in the long grass in my collection) i had to read them all!

Tim Painter

Capstick is a great writer. In this book he tells the tales of great hunters from the past on the african continent. He is a great story teller and makes the true life episodes of these great hunters come to life.I highly recommend this book.

Mike Disalvo

Capstick does it once again. This book takes you along with some of the most famous and infamous hunters ever to walk the planet. He starts with John Patterson, the killer of the Maneaters of Tsavo. Find out just how close the lions came to winning!Next is Chauncey H. Stigand a pig iron tough SOB who was a military master, and a big game hunter. Find out how tough he was when a rhino ripped of his left pectoral and he walked unaided 10-15 miles before lying down! Then meet P.J. Pretorious, the one man wrecking crew of the German war machine in East Africa. He did every thing but shoot the guns to sink the Konigsberg the famed German was ship, as well as capturing an entire German column. Next is Sasha Seimel, perhaps the only white man ever to hunt jaguar with only a spear! Read how he almost lost to a man-killing jaguar. Then meet W.D.M. "Karamojo" Bell, the finest elephant who ever lived. Bell used rifles so small some people would not even use them for deer. Read how he avoid being killed or poisoned by natives, and how he could shoot birds from the air with his rifle. Next up is Jim Corbett, the finest hunter of maneating tigers and leopards ever to walk. Discover the hidden tricks of animal call and signs. See how close Corbett comes to ending up as a statistic. In the final chapter, Sir Samuel Baker gives you and idea of how tough Asian Water Buffalo are in "The Charge of Sixpence". Harry Wolhuter proves a man can kill an adult male lion with a knife! And, Capstick goes a buffalo spearing, not the best of ideas.


An entertaining and educational blend of historical nonfiction and realistic gore.

Tom Armstrong

Lacked the immediacy and suspense of it's predecessor, but overall a worthwhile read and quite entertaining.

Lisa Greene

I actually read only half this book - 3 of the stories. They were sometimes a bit grisly but very suspenseful; I was on the edge of my seat reading about the lions of Tsavo. It's not the type of book I usually read, but the writing was great. I got bogged down in the chapter about Pretorius and my mind wandered to something else; I may go back and finish it eventually.

Jon Young

Incredibly suspenseful. I have a newfound respect for big game hunters. Some of the best true stories I've heard in a while.


very interesting and graphic read about hunting and exploration in Africa. Capstick is quite a writer and knows his stuff.

Katie Tatton

I liked this one significantly less than Death in the Long Grass. There was more history in Silent Places and less adventure. Towards the end it seemed to get more intense and I liked it more.

Mike (the Paladin)

Another book by Peter Capstick, here he gives accounts of other hunter from history, including John Patterson and the Maneaters of Tsavo (of the movie, The Ghost and the Darkness fame). Stories of both good and bad an interesting book. i like it.


One of the best nonfiction books I've ever read. But if you don't accept hunting, don't read it.

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