ISBN: 0553249835
ISBN 13: 9780553249835
By: Kathleen Sky

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About this book

When ambassadors on a sensitive Federation diplomatic mission are murdered one by one, Kirk and Spock realize they are dealing with a being of seemingly supernatural abilities. Now the entire crew of the Enterprise is at the mercy of this mysterious, self-proclaimed Angel of Death, which the most sophisticated Star Fleet technologies are powerless to stop.

Reader's Thoughts

Bev Hankins

Just for the edition is ISBN: 0553246372; published by Bantam in 1984. However, whoever entered that edition into GoodReads screwed up the entry.


A good one. My copy has a much better cover, an hourglass with the Enterprise inside and Death looking on from the background.

Michelle Spencer Davidson

Is it possible to give negative stars? Do not read this book. It will damage your brain.

Joe Davoust

This book reads like an episode of the animated series. Lots of crazy alien ambassadors that special effects crews of a the sixties live action series couldn't make. Well written and if you like the TV show, you'll like this book.


Decent novel involving plant spores that rob you of dreaming.

Troy Beals

Excellent book. Not as dark and morbid as the title implies. One problem is there is a relationship issue between one of the main characters and her husband that I found unnecessary.

Denise Dion

This book was written in 1981. I bought this book when I was probably in my early 20's. I didn't remember a thing about it. Now 20 years later I picked it up and read it...and loved it. I think the author did a great job with the character Col Elizabeth Schaffer. She is tough as nails, strong capable, doesn't take any shit from anyone. Plus she stands toe to toe with the Captain. This book is 30 years old, and you can scream Mary Sue all you want but to have her husband as the insecure spouse wanting his wife to come back to him, to save their marriage, I think it was a welcome change. He is such a child. Just adored her character so much.The ambassadors on board are pretty cool, all different, and have a unique culture of their own...and what they believe to be the Angel of Death. The only thing that did surprise me was the killer. And I won't say who it is, if you haven't read it. Great book. I recommend it.

Mike McDevitt

Spoilers:It's 'Journey To Babel' on a bigger budget with ambassadors from every phylum and species: lobsters, pandas, kitties, snakes. I love 'J To B', so well done. It's a murder mystery, Sarek is back, and so is a severe, driven Mary Sue from (essentially Section 31) the SSD. She's a beautiful multiracial black-clad judge, jury and executioner with a failing term marriage. She seems rational, so I preferred her to Ms. Sky's other Mary Sue, the Vulcan hater in 'Vulcan!'.The unstoppable killer who vanishes through walls and ends each ambassador opposed to peace with the Romulans is, coin a phrase, facinating. How do I fathom the canonicity? M'Benga murdered in his sleep while on SPACE POPPIES and is sent to rehab on Vulcan. But plenty of other stories used M'Benga since then without mentioning this tiny indiscretion. I like the story, so in my personal canonicity, somehow rehab went so well that he soon returned to duty on Enterprise.

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