Deceived by Shame, Desired by God

ISBN: 1576832198
ISBN 13: 9781576832196
By: Cynthia Spell Humbert Scott Morton

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About this book

Rape, incest, alcoholism, addiction, abortion. The list could go on and on with ways sin poisons our lives. And whether the sin is self-imposed or committed by someone else, it always has the potential to cause us a deep-seated sense of shame.Shame often convinces us we are irreparably damaged at our very core. The enemy wants you to believe this lie. But God says that there is nothing about you or your past that cannot be redeemed. Learn how the healing love of God can bring good out of your darkest, most shameful secrets.• Includes discussion questions

Reader's Thoughts


Wow, talk about challenging to work through,but man you will be amazed at the insight and healing God brings. Ladies pick this book up, but have people you can call or talk to cause it's a whammy on your emotions.

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