Demon Thief (The Demonata, #2)

ISBN: 0316012386
ISBN 13: 9780316012386
By: Darren Shan

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About this book

Kernel Fleck has always known he's weird. He sees lights. Strange, multi-colored patches of light, swirling through the air. But it's not until a window opens into a demon world, with horrific consequences, that Kernel discovers his powers. As a Disciple, his mission is to hunt vicious, powerful demons to the death...

Reader's Thoughts

Andrew Review

i love this series and every book is better than the last. Every book has an underdog and this book is no exception. kernel fleck is our underdog. Kernel fleck is known very well around his school to be weird and also a freak. He has also has trouble making friends come to think of it he never had any friends.But as always never underestimate an underdog. Kernel fleck has always seen these strange patches of light and ever since he told someone about he has been considered a freak through out his childhood. kernel never really had any friends because of the lights he saw. kernel always tried to fit in wore the new clothes listened to the cool band spoke the cool curse words but when ever he butted into a conversation the kids said go play with some lights!But as kernel kernel soon realized when other people aren't there for you family always is. his baby brother gave kernel fleck his hope back and showed him that the lights aren't anything to be ashamed of. When they move to there new house things change for kernel fleck new place new people and more chances to make friends! Not many things actually changed though he wasn't considered a freak but he didn't have friends still. He was getting accustomed to his new life. And as soon as things were looking up for kernel the '' witch'' of the town made a strange and scary remark to kernel. On that same day she jumped in front of kernels class that was taking place outside that day. kernel wasn't happy to see this woman again. Since kernel could see the lights he watched as all the lights filled the woman up until she exploded, Kernel watched in fear. When she exploded kernel saw a portal and as we all know portals are meant for someone or SOMETHING to come through. And this something was a horrifying demon that killed many students in a gruesome murder. This demon did not stop there it also took someone very important to kernel... his brother! As for kernel fleck he will do anything to save his brother. When his bother was taken through the portal he saw a group of humans and decided to follow them into the demonata. When kernel discovers his ability to see lights isnt a curse its a gift to make portals out of the patches of light. This astounded the group. The ability to create and see portals is a gift only the most powerful of magicians can do but this teenager was able to do it no problem. Kernel fleck used this ability to find his brother and take him back from the demon lord lord loss! In conclusion never underestimate an underdog. Kernel Fleck was called weird all his life. But what people called him weird for turned out what led him to save his brother from the clutches of Lord Loss! Or did it!


A great continuation of the series. I flew through this one just like the first book. In fact, I think I preferred this one. The twist at the end hinges on (view spoiler)[lexical ambiguity (hide spoiler)], which suffice it to say is the greatest thing ever.This one doesn't suffer from some of the problems Lord Loss had, namely Grubbs and Dervish being silly and infantile. Darren Shan's sense of humour isn't that great, and I feel like it kind of detracts from his stories when he attempts to be funny. I may be in the minority there, though, as this series is aimed at teenagers.There's a whole sort of dreamlike atmosphere to this book that Lord Loss didn't have, and it very subtly leads up to the revelation at the end of the book. The only downside to this is that while you may or may not figure out the twist early the first time you read this book, the second time it's much less fun.Dervish's past starts to get explored more in this one, and this book also introduces Beranabus, who will become one of the best characters in the series later on. If you liked the first book, you'll love this one, too. It's the beginning of the series' real development.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

Dillon Walton

This book starts out with a new boy called Kernal. He was a normal boy just like Grubs except for that he sees lights all around him and can touch them. One night he kept on putting the lights together and made a really bright door. When it opened a strange looking person walked though and then all went black. When he woke up his mother and father were woried and they said he has been gone for weeks. He said he was didnt go anywhere but they said he went missing. They ended up moving after that and went to a nice little town. He found friends and had a good life again but there was this weird lady that the kids called the witch. She was really old and was weird. One day he walked by her house with his little baby brother "art" and she yelled at him saying she was going to slit his throut and kill him. He freaked out and went home. Later he took his brother to school and all was good until the lady came in the school out side and started yelling. Then she exploded and a portal stood there. This giant demond jumped out and started killing all the kids. Then 4 more people came out of the hole to fight the demond. Then demond ended up taking Art back with him in the portal. The 4 humans followed it through the tunel and so did Kernal. He found out that the portals lead to the demond universe. He found the people and followed them and learned that he had magic and they were magic to. They fought and killed some demonds and in the end they found the demond with art but the demond was with Lordloss. They did all this stuff like went threw a maze and fought other demonds. They finished the chalenge and Kernal found out that he was so powerful in magic that Art was actual Lordlosses familier and he changed the demond into a human child. They left the demond world and most of them wanted to go back to a normal life but Kernal wanted to stay with the main magishan called "Barberous" and that was the end.


The main character of this book is a boy who sees stains in the sky and can connect them to create a window to another world.He steps through one of these windows because his younger brother Art had been kidnapped by a demon.He joins other people who sometimes are (sometimes) hunting demons for centuries. Like Beranabus, who sees himself as a sort of priest.He meets all sorts of horrors, like arms and legs that are severed, heads that are split.Unfortunately everything is told in a distant manner by the first person narrator (Kernel), because of this there is no depth in the story.Also, everybody learns extremely quickly how to use their magic.No learning curve, they just know how to do it instantly.I was very glad when I had finished this book, even though it reads very lightly.Not a book for me.Een jeugdboek, het 14e dat in het Nederlands van Shan verschijnt. De hoofdpersoon is een jongen die vlekken in de lucht ziet en die met elkaar kan verbinden, op die manier ontstaat een raam naar een andere wereld. Hij gaat door zo'n raam omdat zijn jonge broertje Art ontvoerd is door een demon. Hij sluit zich aan bij andere mensen die soms al eeuwenlang op demonen jagen, zoals Beranabus, die zichzelf als een soort priester ziet. Hij komt allerlei gruwelijkheden tegen, zoals armen en benen die worden afgerukt, hoofden die worden opgespleten. Helaas wordt het allemaal op een nogal afstandelijke manier verteld door de ik-persoon (Kernel) waardoor er weinig diepgang ontstaat. Ook weten ze allemaal binnen de kortste keren hoe ze hun magie moeten gebruiken. Niks geen leerproces, ze kunnen het gewoon ineens. Ik was blij dat ik het boek uit had (het leest best makkelijk weg). Voor mij is dit dus geen aanrader.


Demon ThiefBy: Darren Shan256 pagesISBN13: 9780316012386 This book is about a boy named Kernel Fleck. One day, he had moved into a new house with his family. Kernel wasn't any ordinary boy. He sees lights just come out randomly. When he told people, they thought that he was crazy. Kernel then figured out that he could put the lights together and ended up opening a portal to the demon world. He saw a red Demon named Lord Loss, which he decides to follow into the demon world. When Kernel gets back home, he couldn't remember anything that had happened. Darren Shan does an amazing jobs with his books. Each one of his book is literally a movie running in your head. His description of everything in the book is great. He's always outdoing himself and never lets us down. This book is just another great story into his series. I recommend this book to people who enjoy books and aren't easily disturbed. This book is a great book to read on your spare time. This book is great for all people but should really only be read if you atleast 13.

Kim Dyer

Although I thought that Lord Loss was amazing, Demon Thief was a little disappointing. Kernel is a slightly more sympathetic protagonist than Grubbs Grady, and we do get a bit more of a feel for his life and family ties before disaster befalls him, however Demon Thief is much more of a standard tale of demon hunting that offered nothing especially original. While it did expand of the universe of Lord Loss, putting some mechanics in place that look as though they will be important in future instalments, it lacked the gripping climax and character development of the original.I also felt that the twist was made too obvious early on. I had figured out most of the twists of the novel by the time Kernel met Beranabus and so found the end of the story to be a bit of a let down.I intend to stick with the series as I understand that the next novel is a direct sequel to Lord Loss, but I did not really think that there was anything remarkable about this title.

Leanne Bell

I don't know what it was about this book that i found so truly terrifying, whether it was the severe amount of demon slaughter, the imagary of the demon universe of the very disgusting descriptions of the demons and deaths they cause...Or maybe it was a mix of all three!This story is from a nother view point from Lord Loss, a young boy named Kernel Fleck whose brother is kidnapped by Demons. He feels he has no choice but to follow and finds himself entering a nightmare he never thought existed.Despite the viewpoint being different, i was surprised to meet some familiar characters, including a very young Dervish Grady (he was a punk! lol) and although i was disappointed at not hearing from grubbs again, i loved the new twist to the story and the background given to Lord Loss, which ultimately sets it all up for the rest of the series.Fans of horror will no doubt love this novel in all it's goryness and mysterious plot twists, and for those who love a happy ending with closure, just don't bother reading this series, really! :-)Brilliant work by Darren Shan!

Marmite Is Terrible

Kernel Fleck,a twelve year old lonely boy who disappears and comes back with a little brother. How did he get there? Who is he? Read to find out.Grubbs Grady,a bulky teenager who loved to prank his sister. What happens when his family dies? How does he cope? Read to find out.Dervish Grady, a mysterious magic user and Grubb’s Uncle. What does he have to do with Kernel? What will he do about his orphaned nephew? Read to find out.The demonata. What are they after? Feeding off of the pain of humans. How do our characters defend against these demons? Magic. Read to find out.Constantly switching,the books take place in many settings,keeping you on your toes. The worlds of the demonata is expansive,deadly,and there are hundreds of them. Every world can have different landscapes,different demonata,and the magicians that travel,and fight them. The only way a Demon can get to earth,is by offering a greedy person something,and instructing them to open a portal;manipulating them.What happens to our characters? How will they fight the evil Demonata? Read to find out

Ľuboš Krahulec

veľmi som váhal koľko hviezd nakoniec dám ... 4,5 ... bolo tam pár miest pri ktorých som chcel preskočiť lebo ma nebavili , nie tie nechutné , ale ako celok je to naozaj výborné , koniec ma prekvapil i keď som to trochu aj tušil ... kto je ale Zlodej z temnoty,tak to ma prekvapilo , a dossť veľmi ... teším sa je jednotku :D a na Ďaáááálšie časti , i keď už v češtine , keďže sa v slovarte rozhodli túto sériu ďalej nevydávať :(


As I suspected, book #1, Lord Loss, was just apéritif. The heavy world building is in this.Demon Thief, unlike the first book, is mostly set in the demon worlds and that was good because the magic system in the series was explained and it was interesting and innovative, I liked it.I have no idea about the direction this series is going because this book is actually a prequel to the first one. I guess I will have to keep reading if I want to find out why the author chose to publish this second.I enjoyed the book even though my favorite character in Lord Loss, Grubbs Grady, isn't in it. Demon Thief is narrated by Kernel Fleck and he is as likable and charismatic as Grubbs.The book is very well-written and there is a clever twist in the end that I couldn't see coming at all.The story is really easy to get into and I read this in a day or so.I think I half read it and half listened to the audiobook though. The audio was great, I actually thought there were several actors narrating it, but it's just one guy, Rupert Degas, that's how good he is. The production was also very good, there were some very nice sound effects that actually scared me a few times. I particularly liked the sound of the heart beating that would start in a frightful part of the book.Like I said, I will keep reading the Demonata series because I still have quite a few unanswered question about the story.4 to 4.5 out of 5 stars.


First thing first, don’t read this review if you haven’t read Lord Loss by Darren Shan. Lord Loss is a wonderful, horror filled novel and this book I’m reviewing is its sequel, so go read the first!One thing I love about the Demonata series is how the books, at least the first two, don’t seem to be related at all! When you start Demon Thief you have just finished Lord Loss and you’re expecting the story to continue but it doesn’t! It takes you into a completely different story with characters you’ve never met before, although Dervish does make an appearance.The main character of this book is Kernel Fleck. For as long as Kernel can remember he has been surrounded by lighted shapes in the air. They’ve never bothered him, but when he concentrates he can move them around into patterns. One day, he discovers that if he moves the pulsating pieces together, they form a window. Unfortunately there is a demon trying to come out of the window. Kernel manages to push it back but feels compelled to follow it through the light. When he wakes up, with his brother Art in his arms, several days have passed and he cannot remember what happened after he went through the window. One night his parents bundle Kernel and Art home and drive them to their new lazy town called Paskinston. In Paskinston, no one knows that Kernel disappeared and he is able to live a normal life. Until he must find out what happened to him and what the lights are.The only thing that made this book not as interesting to me as the first was that I knew exactly what would happen. I think this is because I read the book a couple years ago and was drawing off that. I knew who the demon thief was from the very beginning. Because of this I was hurrying to finish the book and move on. But never the less I found it to still keep me enthralled.Shan’s horror is still ever present in this installment of the Demonata Series. If you have a queasy stomach or rather not read a description of a head being torn of a body, this book is not for you. But if horror is your thing, don’t pass this book by. Once the action starts you won’t be able to put down this book, it’s a fast entertaining


A Window of LightsDemon ThiefBy Darren Shan250pp. 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York 10020Hachette Book Group USAISBN 0-316-01237-8 Fantasizing about lights and relating to problems a child can face in reality, Darren Shan dishes out a tale that will draw in any fiction-loving reader. He wastes no time in showing the reader how fantastic and interesting or how drastic and dangerous life could be for any child. Reading “Demon Thief,” you can feel what happens as if you were experiencing the same thing. The terror, the sorrow, the attachment of a sibling; the feeling could be neutral! Darren Shan expresses many problems anyone can or could have faced through the protagonist, Kernel (Cornelius) Fleck, a young teenager having trouble fitting in due to his eyesight which he can share with no one at all. Darren Shan presents to each reader a fascinating new world beyond life, dangers that compel children and adults to fear creatures never before seen, an adventure that anyone might decide was worth going on, and lots more! Through Kernel Fleck, we can see how much responsibility parents leave the older sibling with and how brotherly love pulls strings in the mind. Kernel realizes he can not escape his destiny but only thinks of his lost and captured brother, Art. When Kernel experiences the brief moments of Raz, a Disciple, being ripped apart by savage demons, he cowers, but this makes him realize how much more he wants to find Art. Even though Kernel is anxious to get Art back, he needs the help of Beranabus, a powerful magician— only then can he hope to save him. Beranabus and Kernel strike up a deal though both are reluctantly helping each other. Kernel began as a lonesome, but average —and yet, not average— child who would play with these “lights” that eventually lead him to his unique powers. When he crosses over to another universe, his whole life is overturned whether he enjoys the moment or not. He gains courage with his new powers and reels in more courage to find the demon, Cadaver, who has or had Art— who could be dead. Art may bite and play a lot but he listens to Kernel, how could Kernel ever leave him behind? The guilt would stab him in the chest every time, right? Yet the terrible truth left him feeling like a shredded demon with guts slowly oozing out and the pain, everlasting. Exciting, captivating and promising, “Demon Thief” lead me to another dimension where lights could open up to a window of danger in just a few minutes! The tale Darren Shan prescribes to each of his readers makes us want to cling onto our precious family members forever more. The suspense catches your interest like a butterfly in a net and assists you in expanding your imagination. Anyone will dissolve into the world where truth prevails— though it is quite upsetting. As the story unfolds itself, the wonder begins and continues furthermore through readers’ minds, so get comfy for a sweet ride within this novel! Pick up a copy of “Demon Thief” at a bookstore and prepare yourself for a dazzling world of surprises that pop up every now and then!


Another thrilling installment! Seriously, horific but omg so good!


Nemozem povedat nic, lebo by som vyspoileroval... Tak, ale toto som teda vobec necakal. Je to rovnako nechutne a odporne ako Lord Zarmut. Mam vsak pocit, ze mi Grubbs Grady prirastol k srdcu viec ako Kernel Fleck. A na cliffhanger na konci Lorda Zarmuta to nema... Okrem toho mam pocit, ze si potrebujem rereadnut jednotku...

Henry Hull

I thought that this was an excellent way to continue the series. Okay, so its about a boy named Kernel Fleck who is quite the opposite of Grubbs (while Grubbs was popular among his peers, Fleck was a loser). Kernel has an eerie ability that allows him to see these lights that he is able to rearrange. He eventually learns that he is able to generate portals, called Windows, with them that allow him to travel to the different demon worlds. One day, a demon named Cadaver abducts his younger brother, Art and so Kernel follows him into the demon world where he meets a powerful magician named Beranabus and his followers who are called his disciples. Eventually his quest for Art accumulates with the group arriving at Lord Loss' realm.What I really liked was that instead of having the demons travel to earth, the protagonist travels to the demon world, allowing us to learn more about them. I also enjoyed seeing Lord Loss' realm. The plot-twist in the end was also pretty good and unexpected. My only real complaint is that Kernel is a very bland character who was devoid of any real personality or identity beyond the lights and wanting to find his brother.Despite my criticism, I'd say that it is still a good book and a good follow up to Lord Loss and in some aspects an improvement.

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