Demon Thief (The Demonata, #2)

ISBN: 0316012386
ISBN 13: 9780316012386
By: Darren Shan

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About this book

Kernel Fleck has always known he's weird. He sees lights. Strange, multi-colored patches of light, swirling through the air. But it's not until a window opens into a demon world, with horrific consequences, that Kernel discovers his powers. As a Disciple, his mission is to hunt vicious, powerful demons to the death...

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This book is not for those who dislike graphic scenes, especially when the main character is a child and sees all the mayhem going on around him. The depictions of the graphic scenes is what makes this book good, and the imaginative imagery of where the main character travels to is quite strange yet intriguing. The book is about a boy named Kernel, who moves to the country side with his parents and brother in order to start over as a new family. However, things take a turn for the worse when a demon from another dimension breaks onto Kernel's universe and begins to cause death and chaos. That's when Kernel's brother Art is taken by the demon, who travels back into the other universe. Kernel then meets up with 3 other magicians who are trying to capture the demon that stole Art, and together they search for the demon and Art through the demonic universes. I suggest this book to anyone in high school, and maybe mature middle schoolers, because this book can get pretty graphic. It is a short read, but a fast-paced one that you will enjoy overall if you are into books that have a lot of action and adventure in it. And don't forget the gore.


** spoiler alert ** At first I thought it was going to be too fantastical with the lights, but boy was I wrong. I could not put this book down. Darren Shan took me on an amazing adventure through the world of demons. The power of the boy was really quite captivating, putting pieces of light together to make portals through the demon world. When Kernel Fleck's baby brother is kidnapped by a demon, he makes a portal to the demon world to go find him. He meets the Disciples of whom saw the baby get taken away. Their job is keep as many demons as they can from killing too many humans when they happen on a lucky portal. Kernel Fleck joins as part of the deal that they also help him try to find his baby brother. They end up finding his baby brother with Lord Loss and they strike up another deal of which Kernel will be placed in a chess board world with two other acquaintances. He gets three chances to say who the demon thief is. If he gets all three wrong, him and his acquaintances will have their souls taken by Lord Loss. If he guesses right, they can all leave and he can have his baby brother. The ending is unbelievable.


First, my personal opinions. I was disappointed to find out that the main character of Lord Loss was not featured in Demon Thief. I was expecting the series to follow successively and to follow a story told by Grubbs. It took a long time for me to get into the story because of this and so my views on the book may be skewed slightly.This review can also be found at: found the plot to be obvious and just by the title I could guess what was going to happen but there were parts that surprised me. Shan's writing style is still interesting to me and he immediately makes me feel like i'm part of the character's lives, even if I don't particularly want to be. The first half of the book felt a little drawn out, whereas the second half was much better and I wanted to know more about the other characters in the book. Like with Lord Loss, I found myself more interested in the 'background' characters than the one at the forefront of the book.For me, Demon Thief really started getting interesting when Dervish appeared. Finally, I had found the link to Lord Loss that I was hoping for all along and it didn't end there. I'm glad that I learned about the changing narrators in the Demonata series early on so that I know what to expect from the rest of the books. As always with Shan, I find myself enjoying the story much more now it's finished and I have a full picture than when I was working my way through it. The next book, Slawter, is on my to-read list and I will review it as soon as i'm done!

Papia aziz

Wow what a fantasy book! I loved this book.


Another thrilling installment! Seriously, horific but omg so good!

Kim Dyer

Although I thought that Lord Loss was amazing, Demon Thief was a little disappointing. Kernel is a slightly more sympathetic protagonist than Grubbs Grady, and we do get a bit more of a feel for his life and family ties before disaster befalls him, however Demon Thief is much more of a standard tale of demon hunting that offered nothing especially original. While it did expand of the universe of Lord Loss, putting some mechanics in place that look as though they will be important in future instalments, it lacked the gripping climax and character development of the original.I also felt that the twist was made too obvious early on. I had figured out most of the twists of the novel by the time Kernel met Beranabus and so found the end of the story to be a bit of a let down.I intend to stick with the series as I understand that the next novel is a direct sequel to Lord Loss, but I did not really think that there was anything remarkable about this title.

Marmite Is Terrible

Kernel Fleck,a twelve year old lonely boy who disappears and comes back with a little brother. How did he get there? Who is he? Read to find out.Grubbs Grady,a bulky teenager who loved to prank his sister. What happens when his family dies? How does he cope? Read to find out.Dervish Grady, a mysterious magic user and Grubb’s Uncle. What does he have to do with Kernel? What will he do about his orphaned nephew? Read to find out.The demonata. What are they after? Feeding off of the pain of humans. How do our characters defend against these demons? Magic. Read to find out.Constantly switching,the books take place in many settings,keeping you on your toes. The worlds of the demonata is expansive,deadly,and there are hundreds of them. Every world can have different landscapes,different demonata,and the magicians that travel,and fight them. The only way a Demon can get to earth,is by offering a greedy person something,and instructing them to open a portal;manipulating them.What happens to our characters? How will they fight the evil Demonata? Read to find out


This is the second book of the Demonata series so there's no doubt about it that it will have a smash hit in the horror books section. It Is about the main character Kernel. Kernel in this book see's a lot of lights around him. He thinks everybody see's this but when he goes to school everybody calls him a freak for seeing these lights. One day he connected these lights and a demon came out but it retreated back to the portal. Few days later the same demon appeared but this time it kidnapped his brother named art and he goes into the portal as well to go save his brother. He finds others on his way to help him find the demon that kidnapped his brother. When he finally tracks it down he must play a game he must figure out who was the real demon thief who stole his brother his first 2 guesses was wrong till he said he was the demon thief. He was correct and was let go his brother art was actually a demon in human form so he decided to go back home without a brother. He still in the end played with the lights trying to increase his powers. This book wasn't as gripping as the first but it has a pretty good solid climax and plot. It was to me a mystery book. Who was the real demon thief? If it wasn't the demon who stole him than who was it really? Nobody other then kernel himself. The Demon Thief. I would mostly recommend this book to any horror lovers out there and anybody who has read the first book in the Demonata series this a book with a very good twist continuing the series.


مردم فکر میکنند که من دیوانه ام، چون لکه های نور میبینم، از اول زندگی ام، همیشه آن ها را دیده ام. لکه های عجیب و رنگارنگ نور که توی هوا میچرخند، اندازه شان با هم فرق دارد. بعضی به کوچکی یک سکه اند، و بعضی به بزرگی یک قوطی شیر خشک بچه. همه جور شکلی هم دارند - هشت ضلعی، مثلثی، ده ضلعی. بعضی از آنها سی یا چهل تا سطح دارند. اسم چنین شکلی را نمیدانم. چهل وجهی؟ ص 3 کتاب


Nemozem povedat nic, lebo by som vyspoileroval... Tak, ale toto som teda vobec necakal. Je to rovnako nechutne a odporne ako Lord Zarmut. Mam vsak pocit, ze mi Grubbs Grady prirastol k srdcu viec ako Kernel Fleck. A na cliffhanger na konci Lorda Zarmuta to nema... Okrem toho mam pocit, ze si potrebujem rereadnut jednotku...


A Window of LightsDemon ThiefBy Darren Shan250pp. 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York 10020Hachette Book Group USAISBN 0-316-01237-8 Fantasizing about lights and relating to problems a child can face in reality, Darren Shan dishes out a tale that will draw in any fiction-loving reader. He wastes no time in showing the reader how fantastic and interesting or how drastic and dangerous life could be for any child. Reading “Demon Thief,” you can feel what happens as if you were experiencing the same thing. The terror, the sorrow, the attachment of a sibling; the feeling could be neutral! Darren Shan expresses many problems anyone can or could have faced through the protagonist, Kernel (Cornelius) Fleck, a young teenager having trouble fitting in due to his eyesight which he can share with no one at all. Darren Shan presents to each reader a fascinating new world beyond life, dangers that compel children and adults to fear creatures never before seen, an adventure that anyone might decide was worth going on, and lots more! Through Kernel Fleck, we can see how much responsibility parents leave the older sibling with and how brotherly love pulls strings in the mind. Kernel realizes he can not escape his destiny but only thinks of his lost and captured brother, Art. When Kernel experiences the brief moments of Raz, a Disciple, being ripped apart by savage demons, he cowers, but this makes him realize how much more he wants to find Art. Even though Kernel is anxious to get Art back, he needs the help of Beranabus, a powerful magician— only then can he hope to save him. Beranabus and Kernel strike up a deal though both are reluctantly helping each other. Kernel began as a lonesome, but average —and yet, not average— child who would play with these “lights” that eventually lead him to his unique powers. When he crosses over to another universe, his whole life is overturned whether he enjoys the moment or not. He gains courage with his new powers and reels in more courage to find the demon, Cadaver, who has or had Art— who could be dead. Art may bite and play a lot but he listens to Kernel, how could Kernel ever leave him behind? The guilt would stab him in the chest every time, right? Yet the terrible truth left him feeling like a shredded demon with guts slowly oozing out and the pain, everlasting. Exciting, captivating and promising, “Demon Thief” lead me to another dimension where lights could open up to a window of danger in just a few minutes! The tale Darren Shan prescribes to each of his readers makes us want to cling onto our precious family members forever more. The suspense catches your interest like a butterfly in a net and assists you in expanding your imagination. Anyone will dissolve into the world where truth prevails— though it is quite upsetting. As the story unfolds itself, the wonder begins and continues furthermore through readers’ minds, so get comfy for a sweet ride within this novel! Pick up a copy of “Demon Thief” at a bookstore and prepare yourself for a dazzling world of surprises that pop up every now and then!


Demon ThiefBy: Darren Shan256 pagesISBN13: 9780316012386 This book is about a boy named Kernel Fleck. One day, he had moved into a new house with his family. Kernel wasn't any ordinary boy. He sees lights just come out randomly. When he told people, they thought that he was crazy. Kernel then figured out that he could put the lights together and ended up opening a portal to the demon world. He saw a red Demon named Lord Loss, which he decides to follow into the demon world. When Kernel gets back home, he couldn't remember anything that had happened. Darren Shan does an amazing jobs with his books. Each one of his book is literally a movie running in your head. His description of everything in the book is great. He's always outdoing himself and never lets us down. This book is just another great story into his series. I recommend this book to people who enjoy books and aren't easily disturbed. This book is a great book to read on your spare time. This book is great for all people but should really only be read if you atleast 13.

Joe Calhoun

It's been a few years since I read Lord Loss. I was afraid this book would pick up where Lord Loss left off. Thankfully it was a new story with a couple reappearances of characters from book 1 near the end. I re-read a synopsis of book one to try and fill in any missing gaps from my memory, but it wasn't needed.The pacing in this book is very fast. You won't have to worry about any lulls in the story. Shan keeps the action sequences coming at a fairly steady pace. As a normal reader of high fantasy I sometimes yearn for just a bit more descriptive prose. His details of the demon worlds are fairly good, but I can't help but want a tad more. Since the story is mostly a narrative by a young child, I guess that is the explanation we get.The story itself is a little predictable, but I enjoyed some of tie-ins near the end. It helped shed some like on certain characters from book one. Since the book is a rather short read we don't get as much detail as I'd like from the supporting cast either, but it's still a quick fun read. I almost feel at odds with myself giving it 4 stars since I gave my last book a 3 star review. That book was 3 times as long and had all the extra details I normally wish for in a book. However,even with the extra length that story seemed to repeat itself more than necessary and several plot elements were unnecessary. At least here I'm feeling refreshed by a quick fun read.The only real downside I would note is the main character's speed at learning magic and his deduction,reasoning, skills. At times he seems not able to make sense of simple reasoning and then he has answers that someone his age wouldn't seem to be able to grasp.

Leanne Bell

I don't know what it was about this book that i found so truly terrifying, whether it was the severe amount of demon slaughter, the imagary of the demon universe of the very disgusting descriptions of the demons and deaths they cause...Or maybe it was a mix of all three!This story is from a nother view point from Lord Loss, a young boy named Kernel Fleck whose brother is kidnapped by Demons. He feels he has no choice but to follow and finds himself entering a nightmare he never thought existed.Despite the viewpoint being different, i was surprised to meet some familiar characters, including a very young Dervish Grady (he was a punk! lol) and although i was disappointed at not hearing from grubbs again, i loved the new twist to the story and the background given to Lord Loss, which ultimately sets it all up for the rest of the series.Fans of horror will no doubt love this novel in all it's goryness and mysterious plot twists, and for those who love a happy ending with closure, just don't bother reading this series, really! :-)Brilliant work by Darren Shan!


Wow, what a shocking book! I at first was like this book was going to bore me. Instead it was the opposite. I really enjoyed this book. At first it starts out about a boy named Kernel Fleck. It is going well for Kernel Fleck, an ordinary day. However Kernel was not an ordinary boy. Just like the heroic cycle (Global Literature) the main character is different from everyone else because he can see glowing lights around him that others cannot see. When one fateful day, a demon appears out of thin air and starts to kill innocent children. The demon however captures Art, Kernel's brother. A couple of people standby and watch the demon get away. The people are no strangers. They are magicians to fight the demons. Kernel asks them to help him get his brother back. They agree to help Kernel and head into the demon universe to find the demon that stole Art. They end up in a wild goose chase to find the demon that stole Art. Only to find that the demon has lead them to a trap and is surrounded by thousands of demons. Kernel escapes by putting the lights he sees and creates a window out of the demon universe and back to their universe. Along with him is Nadia a disciple of the magicians. Nadia is tried of being a demon hunter and runs away. Kernel wants to go back and help the magicians fight the demons and save his brother Art. Instead he can't use his powers and create light to get back into the demon universe. He ends up searching around town to find sources of light and ends up at a club. He tries to hide and sneak in but he overhears some guys talking about demons and asks them for help. It turns out that the guys are also disciples. They were searching for a demon at the club and find the window leading into demon universe. Dervish and Shark aid Kernel and defeats the demon and heads into the demon universe. They find Beranabus and Sharmulia in the demon universe. However Raz, a fellow disciple died while fighting demons. Beranabus agrees to help Kernel find his brother in return that he has to help him find the Kah-Gash, a magical weapon that can destroy the demons(or the demon universe im not sure). Kernel agrees and creates a window leading him them to the demon who stole Art. They end up at a giant castle home to the most powerful demon... Lord Loss. They charge to the entrance of the castle to make a deal with Lord Loss and escape the demons outside. They find Art in the castle along with the demon and Lord Loss. Lord Loss makes a deal with kernel that he must find out who the real thief is that stole Art. After a long games of playing detective Kernel finds out that he stole Art from him because Art is not a human he is actually a demon. Kernel used magic to make Art human-like. After a big disappointment they head back to the real world. Kernel returns back to his family. Kernel decides not to go back with his family so he decides to join Beranabus and the disciples because he realizes that he is one piece of the Kah-Gash, just one out of thousands. The ending shocked me because i didn't expect Kernel to be one piece of the Kah-Gash but it explains a lot about his magical powers. My favorite part of the story is when Kernel challenges Lord Loss in a game of finding who the real thief was. It shows that Kernel really loved Art as a brother even though finding out that he is not actually his brother. Still Kernel went through all this trouble to try to save him because he didn't want to be lonely again after his sister died. He must of felt lonely when Art was kidnapped. I would have done the same thing if my brother had been kidnapped even though im the youngest. :) I really enjoyed this book, there were a lot of twists and turns. I didn't expect kernel to be a magical weapon, and Art to be a demon. I would recommend this book! It has lots of twists.

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