Desert Rose — English Moon

ISBN: 0449243885
ISBN 13: 9780449243886
By: Claudette Williams

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About this book

Desert Rose — She was just ninteen, exotically beautiful, and the daughter of one of the country's richest and most powerful men... An arranged marriage with a man she despised would make Holly Winslow a prisoner for life, and so she ran from her father's house, into the arms of Sir Justin Laeland. English Moon — He was exceedingly handsome, a womanizer, and heir to one of the most successful motor companies in England...And when he set eyes on Holly Winslow, Justin never dreamed that their lives would never be the same again.

Reader's Thoughts

Lisa Kay

★★★★✩ I went up to the attic to find this one for a challenge. The “re-read” of this one was not as “hot” as the first time I read it; I guess I’ve become a bit jaded (I can remember re-reading” certain parts back in the day). It is a bit “dated” – especially with regards to technology and Justin’s lab. Still, it was a very fast read, has a fun “shotgun-wedding” scene, holds up for the most part, has a bit of a mystery to it, and it was fun to go down memory lane. Certainly makes me want to track down a few more by this author I used to seek out.

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