Desert Rose (Virginia City Sisters #1)

ISBN: 0736912347
ISBN 13: 9780736912341
By: Linda Lee Chaikin

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About this book

Jack Halliday struck it rich in the 1860 silver boom in Virginia City! As Annalee and her mother travel to join him in Nevada, their joy turns to ashes. They're unprepared for the savage mountain winter that traps them in a desperate struggle for survival. At this critical moment, lawman Brett Wilder arrives in town. He's looking for the gunslinger who crippled his father-and he suspects Jack. When Annalee and Brett meet as they each search for Jack, they must face what they believe about the sovereignty of God, justice, and mercy. They also must discover whether their growing love for one another will melt like snow into an icy mountain stream or bloom like a rose in the desert.

Reader's Thoughts


I enjoyed this story and really liked the characters. It was an exciting adventure even though it's not one I'd ever want to go on myself. :-) I thought it was well written and the conversations flowed nicely and were believable.

Sheri Salatin

June 2009 - A western style book. I really liked it. This is the first in a series of two.July 2012 - Finished this book for the third time. I love it. I think one of the things that I really love about this book is that the heroine is not perfect. She struggles throughout the book with Consumption (tuberculosis). So many times the heroines in novels are perfect - prefect health and beautiful too. Annalee is more real. :)


Not bad but not her best book. Also it reminds me a lot of Deanne Gist's Measure of a Lady, which was a better read.

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