Designing the World’s Best Children’s Hospitals 2: The Future of Healing Environments

ISBN: 1920744320
ISBN 13: 9781920744328
By: Bruce King Komiske

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About this book

Designing the World's Best Children's Hospitals Volume 2 continues the unique approach to designing a successful pediatric health care facility, which has made Bruce King Komiske one of the industry's most in-demand design and management consultants. Following the success of the first volume of Designing the World's Best Children's Hospitals, this new publication is intended as an additional reference guide for teams of health care and design professionals, and parents, who engage in the exciting journey of creating a healing environment as they plan the construction or renovation of a children's hospital or pediatric unit. It also recognises the outstanding efforts of teams throughout the world for their contributions to health care and design. Chapters focus on hospital exterior design, lobbies, arts and gardens, the role of the community, the role of the parent in inpatient and specialized care areas, and project management.

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