Developing Your Own Psychic Powers

ISBN: 1932128034
ISBN 13: 9781932128031
By: John Edward John Edwards

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About this book

On this remarkable six-CD program, John brings you a wealth of information that will help you develop your own psychic powers. The topics include.- Meditations: John teaches you how to successfully meditate so you can relax your body and visualize what you want in life.- Psychic Self-Defense: John has you engage in specific exercises to help you fortify and seal your energy field in order to create a cleaner, clearer mental atmosphere.- Angels and Guides: John will teach you the difference between angels and guides, and through his special visualization and meditation exercises, you can then meet your guides.- Unleashing Your Psychic Potential: John insists that everyone has psychic gifts, but you must give yourself permission to perceive and receive energy--on this CD he will help you embark on a psychic and spiritual journey.- Psychic Tools in the Workplace: John discusses spiritual ethics in the workplace; and also devels into topics such as numerology, crystal gazing, and the I Ching.- How to Conduct a Psychic Session: John notes that when you give a psychic reading, your words may have a profound impact on someone's life, and the goal is always to help. He gives you step-by-step advice on actually conducting a session.

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Good meditation exercises


very disappointing - very general- not what the title implies

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