Developmental and Therapeutic Interventions in the NICU

ISBN: 155766675X
ISBN 13: 9781557666758
By: Elsie R. Vergara Rosemarie Bigsby

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About this book

The most comprehensive book available on neonatal intervention, this in-depth resource gives professionals the strong foundation of clinical knowledge they'll need to work with high-risk newborns. With a unique developmental and therapeutic perspective that sets it apart from other texts on the subject, the book is filled with research findings and practical guidelines clinicians will use to promote the well-being of infants in the NICU and to involve and support their families. In-service and preservice professionals will benefit froman exploration of different developmental models for neonatal interventionan overview of medical conditions of newborns and commonly used interventionsa synopsis of the functional abilities of premature infantsdiscussion of crucial elements within the NICU environment, including teamwork, equipment, and sources of supportdetailed guidelines for positioning and feedinga model for family-centered careguidance on assessing behavior and developmentsuggestions for working with infants with prolonged NICU staystips on easing the transition from hospital to homeinformation on following up with high-risk infantsThe overviews, learning objectives, and case stories in each chapter make this an ideal textbook for new and future clinicians, and the guidelines for everyday practice make it a reference professionals will use again and again as they work with high-risk infants and their families.

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