Dictionary of Bullshit

ISBN: 1402207808
ISBN 13: 9781402207808
By: Nick Webb

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About this book

Bull shit (n.; adj; adv.; etc.) 1: deceitful language; lies 2: jargon or cliches intended to place a positive spin on something plainly negative 3: anything said by a politician, CEO or PR flak 4: new age, modern, postmodern, cutting edge, meta or Xtreme 5: pretty much everything you read or hear these days. A hilarious, irreverent and generally subversive compendium of what passes for discourse today, The Dictionary of Bullshit savages politics, self-help, marketing, the media, all things new age, statistics, science and business. From the political credibility gap (aka lying) to the oxymoronic instant classic, whether you're in a paperless office or have been out-sourced, The Dictionary of Bullshit is an all-out offensive against all that is phony, stupid and just plain meaningless.

Reader's Thoughts


funny and spot on!


This is a book one should borrow from the library. At first entertaining but quickly became a bore. The chapter on Political Bullshit is just that. Think we are all aware that Politicians spue self serving rhetoric. Little book but very cumbersome to read.

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