Die Nornenkönigin (Memory, Sorrow and Thorn, #3)

ISBN: 3596130751
ISBN 13: 9783596130757
By: Tad Williams Verena C. Harksen

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Reader's Thoughts

Stephanie Manson

Quicker pace to the plotline than previous books in the series, less wordiness & excessive description. Just as many pages as the first 2 books, but seemed much shorter because the story moved along much better. Characters also seemed more developed than in first 2 books, & actually started to empathize with & like many of them. If you're struggling through books 1 & 2, stick with them because this one makes it worthwhile.


Admittedly, my rating is based on my read through the book twenty years ago, and a look at a summary to refresh my memory.Sadly, I hadn't yet learned to just stop reading books that I wasn't enjoying, and slogged through this and it's companion volume still hoping for at least a good payoff at the end. It wasn't worth it.


Tad Williams has a great gift for vividly setting the scene or mood, but I think he goes a little overboard in this series. There are several sections that really serve no purpose in forwarding the story and seem to serve more as filler. (unless these somehow unfold in part 2, but I don't see that happening) Overall, it is a good read with an intriguing story and I would recommend reading it.


The plot thickens. A really long showdown begins in this first part of the third book in the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy. I love how Williams brings all the threads together. Also that his characters aren't just good or evil. The good ones do stupid things as well and the evil ones (apart from Pryrates) also have their very human moments which almost make you feel with them (okay, sometimes they really do). This to me is the biggest and best difference to Lord of the Rings. Tolkien's characters are EITHER good OR evil, no shades really, and I never felt with his characters as I do here. I bow to Williams.


So. I like the series as a whole, but this book dragged. It dragged so much that even his own characters were complaining to each other to get to the point. This book was good. A few interesting things happened, but for the most part it felt like a lot of filler to stretch it into two books. I felt a lot of the encounters the heroes faced were unnecessary. There you go. On to Part 2.


Part I of To Green Angel Tower is easily the best part of Memory, Sorrow, Thorn to date (I thought the first two books were relatively equal with some similar faults and some very different faults). This book flowed much better than either of the first two...each plotline that was followed was interesting in its own right (though I think Meagwin had the least interesting plot). Everything that was established at times rather slowly in the first two novels was prominent and worked very well in this book. There was a ton of really good action and the characters continued to grow more aware of everything that was going on. Simon has become far more self aware as the series has gone on, but to me what really separated this book was how much Mierameli and Cadrach came alive. I am very excited for Part II of To Green Angel Tower and the conclusion of Memory, Sorrow, Thorn.

Luca Lesi

Benvenuti nel mondo di coloro che ogni giorno sono condannati a pensare e a porsi domande e a non sapere mai niente con certezza, un mondo dove è meglio un figlio di puttana che un santo, dove barche e spade sono "lei", tempeste e montagne sono "lui".Benvenuti a Voi, proprio mentre arrivano i primi freddi "iq ta randayhet suk biqualuc" come si dice in quanuc "L'inverno non è la stagione per nuotare nudi" eccoci, sotto la copertina, continuiamo questa deliziosa trilogia che vede protagonisti Simon, Miriamele e un pugno di strampalati eroi. Nonostante la malaugurata abitudine degli editori italiani di dividere i libri, questo terzo ma non conclusivo volume, è centrato le gesta degli eroi buoni e sulla ricerca delle tre spade, solo una delle quali, Thorn (la spina) è nelle mani del buon re Josua mentre Brightnail e Sorrow sono ancora al castello del sempre più maledetto Elias, lentamente ma inesorabilmente corrotto dall'infido Pyrates.Godetevi quindi questo pezzo di Devid Gilmor dei Pink Floyd SORROW Re Joshua riesce a condurre i suoi fedeli alleati alla Sesuad'ra, la Pietra dell'Addio, antica citta in cima alla montagna circondata da un lago ghiacciato, dove otterrà un'insperata vittoria sull'esercito nemico .Mirimele vive un terribile viaggio prigioniera del crudele Conte Aspis, che la inseguirà fino alle paludi popolate di terribili ragni a sei mani.Bella la riscoperta del più grande tra i guerrieri, Sir Camaris dei Nabbani , vecchio lacero e sporco sguattero di cucina che risorge a nuovi fasti ma conservando un misterioso antico doloreLo strano monaco Cadrach "alcuni, nel settentrione sono stati schiacciati dalla guerra, altri dalla paura di cose a cui è difficile dare un nome. E la paura è dappertutto in questi giorni", al quale lentamente abbiamo dato fiducia, ci lascia di nuovo scomparendo d'improvviso (ma sappiamo che lo ritroveremo prima o poi !) "Dopo un sonno di secoli, un gigante si era ridestato. I Sithi cavalcavano", e questo splendido popolo , restio a immischiarsi nelle vicende dei mortali, decide infine di onorare antiche promesse e fa la sua trionfale comparsa in uno dei momenti più disperati

S. L.

I am currently re-reading, not reading. It plays with ideas you don't often see in fantasy but want to. The protagonist has no natural talent; he's still incredibly lucky but not the only one who can defeat the forces of evil. That gets old. This is the era after the golden age; the great king has come and gone already; that's also somewhat unique. The princess is just as young mentally as the person who loves her; also good.

Matt Hofferth

This is a series that starts out a bit slow but really picks up as the books go on. Great characters. Some mature themes without being explicit. Williams does a wonderful job of drawing me in emotionally and then delivering on his promises. I look forward to the final installment.

Mike Evans

This is a general review for the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series. These books came highly recommended, and I'm glad they did, as (IMHO) the series starts weak, but finishes quite strong. For all the extraneous fluff you have to wade through, the world is not quite as rich and real as I would hope and I always wanted the characters to be a bit more three dimensional. Trying to figure out what was going on was really the only thing that kept me reading, which may be why I appreciated the end of the story so much. It does come together very well in part 2 of the last book. I do have to laugh at trilogies where the last book is longer than the previous two installments put together (made even more obvious by "To Green Angel Tower" being split into 2 parts for the paperback version). My bottom line is that this is an EXCELLENT 1000 page story -- that is unfortunately 2000 pages long.

Andrew Westberg

It's been a very long time since I've read the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn mini-series, so my review will be the same for each installment...I remember finding them to be quite well-written, and aside from a fairly slow start (what epic doesn't start slow?), each book had me hooked. I had discovered them purely by chance (found in the collection of an uncle who had died), and to be fair the series didn't truly offer anything drastically new to the genre, but they're still well worth a read.


So I wrapped up this series. Finally. Not that it took an inordinate amount of time, but I just had to rush to the end. Unlike some other series I've read lately, I think that the last book is by far the best. Everything that has built up over the last three books winds tighter and tighter until it comes together in a great finale. I am glad I went back to this series, and have planned a few more re-reads because of it.

Johnny Sparrow

Well, it took me quite a while to finish this book, due to reasons unrelated to reading.Oh, but it was good. I mean, really good. The bad thing is, that I don't really remember where 'stone of farewell' ended and where 'to green angel tower started'...But what I can say, is, that I was impressed. The story grew more tense and the character developement was great. And this book had some pretty unexpected twists.The only negative thing (this is something Tad Williams always does) is the slow pacing.But still, I really, really liked it. On to 'To Green Angel Tower: Storm'!


Just FINISH it already, Tad, seriously, you're killing me here. Its not bad/boring enough for me to give up on it & is only *just* interesting enough to keep me reading.


The weakest book of the (not so great)series so far. Too many descriptions of the cold weather, questions of the type "Why, oh why can't I understand the women and the world" and only one battle are not the best way to fill half of a 800 page volume. Good that at least one of the plot lines was more interesting to follow. It was not really interesting. It was just more interesting than the other.I really hope the last book will do justice to this series because none of these volumes has captured my attention until now. Or maybe I'd really hate to think of all the trees that went for nothing just to fill some space between two covers.

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