Digital Integrated Circuits

ISBN: 0130909963
ISBN 13: 9780130909961
By: Jan M. Rabaey Anantha Chandrakasan Borivoje Nikolic

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About this book

Progressive in content and form, this practical book successfully bridges the gap between the circuit perspective and system perspective of digital integrated circuit design. "Digital Integrated Circuits" maintains a consistent, logical flow of subject matter throughout. Addresses today's most significant and compelling industry topics, including: the impact of interconnect, design for low power, issues in timing and clocking, design methodologies, and the tremendous effect of design automation on the digital design perspective. For readers interested in digital circuit design.

Reader's Thoughts


useful textbook

Nick Black

bleh, I thought I'd make it through life without learning VLSI! Apparently it's not to be...this was the generally-accepted recommendation from various EE/CmpE folk.




I haven't seen the first edition of this book, but judging from reviews (all of which are dated before the 2nd Edition came out, which was December 2002), the 2nd Edition has added a lot of new material that addresses some of the criticisms of the first edition. I used a pre-publication draft of this book in a class with Professor Chandrakasan last fall, and it covered topics such as transistor sizing, crosstalk and transmission line effects, threshold voltage level effects, logic synthesis (though this book does not go into HDL design), and many other more advanced topics.It's also been made more up-to-date, removing a lot of the dated material some reviews on this page have been complaining about.Since I am just learning this material, I cannot comment on how relevant or complete this new edition really is, but I would urge anyone who was disappointed with the first edition to check out the 2nd edition. Actually, I'd urge everyone who used the first edition to check it out. From what I've seen, it's like a completely different book.


3rd year course on DIC

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