Dinner along the Amazon

ISBN: 0140073043
ISBN 13: 9780140073041
By: Timothy Findley Anthony Findley

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About this book

The sound of screen doors banging, evening lamplight; cold revolvers hidden in bureau drawers and a chair that is always falling over. These are the sounds and images that illuminate this brilliant collection of twelve short stories from one of Canada's finest writers. The stories range from the powerful, haunting "Lemonade",where a young boy's world is shattered by his mother's self destruction, to the title story, an unusual journey into the complexities of modern relationships, written especially for this collection

Reader's Thoughts


i love short stories. this ones great


Good but not my favourite Findley book. Short stories are a hard sell for me.


This is a collection of Findley's short stories. I have never been a fan of short stories. But, I am a fan of Findley's writing and therefore tackled this book. I think Findley is genius along side of being a bit of a weirdo. His books have a touch of the bizzare. It's uncanny how he writes with such accuracy, being able to relay such strong feelings in his characters without being too wordy. I really liked the first 2 stories in this book, "Lemonade" and "War." The rest of them, kind of went over my head. I didn't really get what it was all about. That is my fault! So, this is not my favourite book of Findley's. I loved his "Not Wanted on the Voyague" - his interpretation of the Noah's Ark story.

Tara McClinchey

Findlay is always interesting and a brilliant writer, but some of these short stories couldn't keep my attention. The ones I loved were Lemonade and War, because I could really sympathise with the main characters. I also liked the strangeness of Hello Cheeverland, Goodbye.


Lemonade - 4War - 3Effie - 4Sometime - Later - Not Now - 4What Mrs. Felton Knew - 4The People on the Shore - 4Hello Cheeverland, Goodbye - 3Losers, Finders, Strangers at the Door - 5The Book of Pins - 4Daybreak at Pisa - 4Out of the Silence - 5Dinner Along the Amazon - 3


I am not a short story type of person either, but I like Timothy Findley. The first two stories, Lemonade and War were the best in the book."Lemonade" reminded me of "To Kill a Mockingbird". Findley continues the theme in "War" in a later book called "You Went Away".

Megan Darts-champ


Kristine Morris

Timothy Findley is so good, but I am not a big fan of short stories. They leave too much to the imagination so that you've either read a story that wasn't actually written or you didn't read the story that was! I did love "The People on the Shore". The last paragraph - the way he entwines the young character of Tiffy with the prescient dream of Mrs Lewis and her actual death fifteen years later - it's brilliantly done.

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