Dinner With Anna Karenina

ISBN: 0778322270
ISBN 13: 9780778322276
By: Gloria Goldreich

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Reader's Thoughts


Dinner with Anna Karenina was shelved with other "staff picks" at my public library. So, I decided to let someone else pick my next book and I was not disappointed. I struggled in the beginning to "enjoy" this seemingly mundane literary critique masquerading as a novel. Then I became worried I had stumbled on another book about women, food, horrible husbands, and their books. However, while Dinner with Anna Karenina was all those things, I was draw into the lives of these women. And for me, that is a mark of a good book. If I can't argue, laugh, and cry with the characters I take nothing away from my reading. It is not a bit of light reading, but it is worth a read. I definitely recommend it.


This was a good book about a woman's book club. You get to know each of the characters back story separate from their book club meetings which is nice. Mostly it is about the meetings, the books they choose and how they are intertwined together. The one strange thing is my copy gave a back description with different names of the women that are actually used in the story???? Overall it was a good, light read.


Comforting to read about others who love books with a passion. Inspiring recommendations for other books. A little repetitive in the descriptions. But overall enjoyable.


I enjoyed this book. Some reviewed it as slow and wordy. It was pretty predictable, but I was interested in the characters, and I don't mind slower stories, so I liked it. I also have read The Jane Austen Book Club and The Friday Night Knitting Club, which are slightly similar to this book. I found that toward the end of this book there is meaning, and it contains some honest/frank examples of friendships between women.

Emma Deplores Goodreads Censorship

I should have known better than to pick this one up, but at least now I can warn the rest of you. This book barely has a plot, the characters are flat and two-dimensional, and their secrets, when revealed, turn out to be not all that interesting after all. Even if reading a book about women using a book club as an excuse to talk about their troubles with relationships, children, etc., is your cup of tea, you can do better. If it's not, Dinner with Anna Karenina won't win you over. Stay away.

Dee W.

Well written story about a book group who gets entangled in eachothers lives and problems. Sort of a whiny, well off, Reading Lolita in Tehran. Also- I still hate Tolstoy.


I was warned that this wasn't the best book in the world and that was an understatement. This is the WORST book I read in 2009. It was so repetitive, a boring plot, 2D characters, etc. etc. etc. Wow – it was bad. It was so bad that I had to read it completely to fully appreciate it's true crapiness. I try to avoid reading reviews and even the back covers of books, but this book was so unbelievably terrible that about halfway through, I took a good look at the cover in case I was missing something… imagine my surprise to see 'award winning author above Gloria Goldreich's name'! How? Not this book! The book is so bad that the synopsis on the back had 4 out of the 6 characters WRONGLY NAMED. I think the editor and the reviewer didn't even read this book. Wow. It was BAD! Painful! Brutal!


Story about a group of women in NYC who meet to discuss books and life.


This was among a number of "book club" novels I set out to read at one point and I thought it was one of the more well done. (Disclaimer: Anna Karenina is one of my favorite novels, so perhaps I was sympathetically predisposed to this book). Anyway, I thought it was an interesting take on the transformative effect of books, showing how individual club members really re-examined their lives and priorities as a result of experiencing an Anna Karenina like moment.


It was ok. I felt like there were too many characters to really delve too deep. The editor should really take another read through as the character names on the cover do not match the actual character's names AND there were a few incorrect references to well known people.

Jan Prucnal

The title intrigued me right away; I loved Anna Karenina! There was good character development in the first part of the book....and each woman added to the book discussions in a manner indicative of her personality and her insights into each author. The story began to disseminate at about the halfway point and the characters became quite predictable. The author could have been more in-depth in continuing each woman's story and could have added some unexpected twists ( note there was one exception). Overall, I enjoyed the book, but probably would not recommend it for a book club.


Expected something more literary. This was really just chick lit that mentioned literary fiction.

Carolyn Durant

What a concept: discuss the story of friends in the context of a book group and the books they are reading. It's a book-lover's dream! Well-written page turner.


this book was okay...i loved the fact that they had a book club and they were so excited to read whatever was put on their plate. The way that they read in their youth reminded me of how I used to read...light from the hallway...flashlight...i thought that their could have been more character development, with some of them...


My favorite aspect of this book was the book club meetings where 6 women from different backgrounds/perspectives discussed some great literature and a bit about the lives behind the authors: Anna Karenina, The Lottery, Bell Jar, etc. The 6 characters and the dynamic between the women was okay but a bit flat and predictable.

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