Dinner With Anna Karenina

ISBN: 0778322270
ISBN 13: 9780778322276
By: Gloria Goldreich

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Reader's Thoughts


I love reading books about books and this one was quite good. Six friends get together for regular book club meetings and throughout the year make changes to their own lives based on their reactions to the books they've read and their reactions to what's going on in each other's lives. I thought the author did a really good job creating the book discussions. The book club had read the biographies of the authors as well as their major literary works and each character had a fresh and unique perspective on the books and the authors' lives as they related to their own. I also thought the author portrayed a women's group in an authentic way. They like each other, they're friends, they enjoy each other's company but they also irritate each other, gossip about each other and envy each other. The book got a little mawkish at times but overall, I really enjoyed it.


My favorite aspect of this book was the book club meetings where 6 women from different backgrounds/perspectives discussed some great literature and a bit about the lives behind the authors: Anna Karenina, The Lottery, Bell Jar, etc. The 6 characters and the dynamic between the women was okay but a bit flat and predictable.


An interesting premise. Detours over duplicative territory; this really needed a good editor.


Dacă e ceva mai rău ca o carte proastă, e o carte proastă care promite, exact cînd eşti gata s-o laşi din mînă, că ar putea fi altceva decît pare. Nu m-am chinuit cu prea multe, dar m-a ros curiozitatea să văd ce-i cu Cină cu Anna Karenina, şi ca să fiu în stare să vă povestesc despre riscurile de a investi în aşa ceva, a trebuit să merg pînă la capăt. De ce m-am apucat s-o citesc, cînd am cît de cît un fler care funcţionează? Păi pentru că am vrut să văd ce face o new-yorkeză dintr-un subiect din care Azar Nafisi a făcut Citind Lolita în Teheran: discuţiile unor femei despre cărţi şi despre propriile vieţi. (continuarea cronicii: http://bookaholic.ro/o-alegere-riscan...)


I thoroughly enjoyed this read. This is the second book that I read by this author, and I found it to be very enjoyable.The characters in this book have depth and I was able to relate to them easily. The only one thing I would have changed was the amount of time spent gossiping about one of the characters' marriage problems. I would have liked to get more story instead. But other than that, it was enjoyable.

Christine Powers

I really enjoyed this book and so I give it four stars for being very compelling story about something I can really relate to. Sometimes I thought it dragged and the author was a little flowery, but not often and for the most part i really enjoyed the bool. It was a very good story about how friendships and books both enhance who we are and help us grow and change. A nice book and a quick enjoyable read.


This was among a number of "book club" novels I set out to read at one point and I thought it was one of the more well done. (Disclaimer: Anna Karenina is one of my favorite novels, so perhaps I was sympathetically predisposed to this book). Anyway, I thought it was an interesting take on the transformative effect of books, showing how individual club members really re-examined their lives and priorities as a result of experiencing an Anna Karenina like moment.


I like books about women. I like books about books. So it would stand to reason that I liked this novel about a group of fictious women and the books they discussed. And I did...mostly.I liked the wide diversity within the book club. I liked that books were the thread binding these women together as friends. I liked the author's description of the women's good attributes mingled among their many faults. It made the characters real. Finally, I liked Gloria Goldreich's simple prose. It made immersing myself within the book easy.What didn't I like? The overly simple plot could have used some beefing up. I also felt that for such a "lofty and superior bookclub", the actual books were under utilized. I would have liked to see more connection between the books read in bookclub to the characters and their outside lives.


I had high hopes for this book but basically it was just a garden-variety tale of suburban women who may or may not be happy with their marriages and lives. Nothing earth-shattering here.


This was a good book about a woman's book club. You get to know each of the characters back story separate from their book club meetings which is nice. Mostly it is about the meetings, the books they choose and how they are intertwined together. The one strange thing is my copy gave a back description with different names of the women that are actually used in the story???? Overall it was a good, light read.

Bobbi Jo

Holidays notwithstanding, this book took me forever to read because I could put it down at anytime. Didn't realize that I just didn't like it and should have stopped. LOL.


Story about a group of women in NYC who meet to discuss books and life.


this book was okay...i loved the fact that they had a book club and they were so excited to read whatever was put on their plate. The way that they read in their youth reminded me of how I used to read...light from the hallway...flashlight...i thought that their could have been more character development, with some of them...


I enjoyed the idea of a book club reading classic literature. For some reason, I kept getting the characters names confused --- not sure why. The ending tied things up nicely -- possibly a bit predictable, but fine for a nice read.


An interesting book about a group of friends who meet to read and eat!! Sounds like my kind of book club. If you are going on vacation, this would be a good book to take along.

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