Disney: The First 100 Years

ISBN: 0786853808
ISBN 13: 9780786853809
By: Dave Smith Steven B. Clark

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About this book

Celebrate the birth, development, and success of The Walt Disney Company year by magical year -- now updated and available in paperback. Disney: The First 100 Years explores the Disney story -- the story of a man, a family, and a company. You'll meet the people who helped Walt make his dreams come true, see a museum's worth of classic photos, and participate in the opening day of the most famous tourist attraction on the planet -- Walt Disney World -- plus just about every significant event in between. If you hve ever wished up on a star, whistled while you worked, or believed that elephants could fly, you will undoubtedly consider this magical journey through the past Disney-filled century supercalifragilisticexpialidociously exhilarating!

Reader's Thoughts


If you are a Disney Fan, this is a nice chronology for Disney works.


bought Feb 2008

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