Do Like Kyla

ISBN: 0531070409
ISBN 13: 9780531070406
By: Angela Johnson

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About this book

A little girl imitates her big sister Kyla all day, until in the evening Kyla imitates her.

Reader's Thoughts


The close relationship of the sisters is carefully written, and it always tears me up at the end when Kyla copies her baby sister instead of the other way around. And I love the natural, unforced language - your child will emulate *your* speech, not the speech of book characters.

Thomas Yingling

Since a lot the students I will have will be big or little brothers or sisiters, this book can help them relate to eachother.

Ericka Fluellen

book focused on the relationship of big and little sister. Little sister looks up to her older sister(Kyla) as a role model. Kyla is a positive role model and teachers her sister many things. Great book for young students to learn about being a role model, helping out, and family.


I thought this book was great with describing the typical big sister, little sister relationship. It is fun how Kyla's little sister looks up so much to her and wants to be a big girl, just like so many other stories I have read.


A easy to read story about a little sister that wants to be just like her big sister Kyla. She follows in her sister's footsteps, she watches her braid hair, eat, and even mimics her stretching. And soon the big sister realizes she too wants to be like her little sister.

Lynesha Williams

I absolutely love this book! The pictures are beautiful and the story reminds me of my childhood. Just like Kyla, I looked up to my sister! Everything my sister wanted, did, and had was everything I wanted, did, and had. My family did not see a problem with it because they knew I considered my sister as my role model. All of a sudden one day, I realized I did not want to be like my sister because I wanted to figure out who I was. It turns out my sister and I are similar, but also very different. This book is amazing because it highlights the importance of siblings, identity, and independence!

Megan Willis

Do Like Kyla is an adorable story of a little girl who looks up to her older sister, Kyla. The little sister shows her admiration by copying every move that Kyla does, from putting honey in her cereal to staring out the window. Angela Johnson has written a warm portrayal of African-American family life. She is known in the literary community for her children's books about African-American life and history. The bright illustrations also convey how happy and loving the sisters are towards one another. This is a universal tale of sibling bonds, one that most children can relate to. It also has the element of repetition in it because the little sister always says, "I do like Kyla." This would be a wonderful story to get children involved in reading out loud. Even if they can't read all the words, they always know that "I do Like Kyla" is coming at the end of the page.


As a younger sister this really struck a chord with me. 09I get a young story time crowd at my new branch and used this for black history. 2/15/12Used again and the last line had some parents chuckling. 2/20/13Used again for African American characters since I had a younger crowd for story time and it was snowing.

Starr Elementary

Fun book about a little sister copying her older sister.

Kyla James

I love this book because it reminds me of my sister and I. Also, I love it because my name is Kyla

Katie Fitzgerald

Read at drop-in story time on 11/16/12:

Valerie Jenkins

This is a great book for a kindergarten or a first grader. Angela Johnson's story put every reader in the world that has a big Sibley in Kyla's place. Kyla thinks the world of her sister, and her sister did not mind her to coming along. Everything that her big sister did, she did. At one time, her sister imitate her which really made Kyla feel very, very special.


good book for teaching schema

Ali Werner

A little girl loves following her big sister Kyla's footsteps. Throughout the book she learns to do everything Kyla can.

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