Dolphin Island

ISBN: 0441152201
ISBN 13: 9780441152209
By: Arthur C. Clarke

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Reader's Thoughts


Dolphin Island was a decent read. I would give it 3.3 stars

Chris Gager

The author was known to have a great interest in dolphins. This book wasn't all that great compared to others he wrote. Good enough and short enough to finish and diverting enough too. Young Adult Fiction.


One of the most influential books of my young life, and probably the only science fiction I've ever enjoyed. Based on the work of John Lilly in communicating with dolphins, this is a great book for adolescents but also gives you the chance to learn about dolphins, an astonishing animal with an enormous brain — and heart. This book made me want to be a marine biologist.

Kate Rauner

Arthur C. Clarke is a classic master of hard science fiction, but for anyone who thinks that means hard-to-read stories dense with complex technology, his book will be a delightful surprise. There is danger and adventure and futuristic technology told from the view point of a teenage boy who does not need to explain everything. The author's note at the end reveals why the images of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, where most of the story is set, are so vivid. They are based on Clarke's own explorations.So many sci-fi books are apocalyptic epics that read like narratives of video games. Clarke's story is gentler and more rational. The story feels like it could really happen as the diverse characters encounter dangers, help each other, and also just have fun. The research on dolphins that is the center piece of the story could be underway somewhere today and the contributions of the main teenage characters are plausible. The future technology seems so feasible that it is rather disappointing to realize that it has been fifty years since Clarke wrote and his visions haven't all been realized yet. That also means the book is not outdated or obsolete.This short book is fun to read and all ages can enjoy it.

Mark Cooper

This book really got me into reading adventure novels. Before this I was an Enid Blyton fan, I guess I still am, but this set the stage for me and boys action adventure. I wrote many stories during my school days after 'Dolphin Island' Arthur C Clarke was fantastic with descriptions.I read this book over three times and recently read it again last year. It has survived time and is still a great YA read.I would recommend it to boys from age 9-99.

Neville Ridley-smith

I seem to remember this book starting in an odd way - something about some boy in the future running away from home and stwoing away on some weird vehicle. Anyhoo, anything by Clarke is interesting.

Rachel Bayles

A childhood favorite.


Grade B.


I really liked the book but I was expecting more at the end of the book


If I'd have read this back in the 60s the scientific ideas and advances probably would've felt fresh and intriguing. Because of the passage of time the ideas in the story lacked the mind-blowing impact they may have once had. That being said I still found the story to be fun.


I've read this one as a child, and loved it back then.


I vaguely remember reading this book when I was in 5th or 6th grade and loving it. That does not mean that I would still love it now.

David Shaw

It didn't occur to me that this is probably a younger-person's read, however I found it still quite enjoyable. In fact, I think this book could be suitable for just about anyone.As long as you are looking for something that truly will provide an escape; bringing you to another part of the world and which also follows an interesting story--you shouldn't be disappointed. It is also a very quick read.It follows the story of a teen named Johnny, who is a runaway, travelling over the Pacific when his "hover"-transport stops over somewhere, and Johnny leaps aboard another vessel by way of curiosity.One thing leads to another and he ends up becoming shipwrecked on the second vessel, later to be rescued at sea, in an interesting turn of events.He is brought to 'Dolphin Island', a fictional place created by Arthur C. Clarke, nonetheless representative of somewhere along the Great Barrier Reef. Here he finds his new home, the longer he stays the more he wants to belong. Integrating into the community, providing a contributing role in certain activities around the island, and learning the island's way of life are some of the details that follow.Without spoiling, the plot thickens a bit when unforeseen events occur, in addition to the developments of long-term experiments conducted by Dr. Kazan - the leading scientist of the island.Personally, reading this book during the summertime couldn't have been more conducive; it's probably the only season you should read this.For a small book, I found it contained a lot of insight and wisdom into everyday life. True references to history within the novel provide the character(s) with a sense of understanding of troubling situations and coping with the unknown. Even for the main character, Johnny, there was a lot to deal with making life choices, coming to term's with one's situation, and finding the right niche for oneself. Things that almost any person can relate to when you get right down to it.Without mention to the sci-fi aspect about it (which is not abundant), the novel is still fascinating and enjoyable. Everything within this novel that would come across as questionable--namely the condition of the dolphins, the re-telling of the Mary Watson legend, the descriptions of the sea ecology and the futuristic transports--are all based on hard fact, or reasonable beliefs. Arthur C. Clarke makes a direct admission of this on an 'Author's notes' at the end of the book. This only heightens the effect of the whole story and its elements.I hope I did not spoil anything. I tried to be detailed enough with my review, yet vague enough to not give away anything about the story.Enjoy!!


Probably not his best work, though his descriptions of the Australian barrier reef are incredible. Like it okay.


Quite an enjoyable read. Young hero gets involved in all kinds of adventures. Barrier Reef setting, dolphins. What's not to like

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