Don Juan and Other Plays

ISBN: 0192835513
ISBN 13: 9780192835512
By: Molière

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Reader's Thoughts

Matthew Smothers

The Would-Be Gentleman, by Molière is a comedy play in five acts that takes place in Jourdain's house, located in Paris. Jourdain is a man that loves the life of a gentleman, and will be a gentleman by any means necessary. Jourdain has plenty of people to teach him how to be a gentleman. Jourdain, however, is completely oblivious to the fact that everybody thinks him a fool. The play is full of jokes, pranks, and witty maneuvers, all at the express of the oblivious Jourdain.

Aaron Zimmerman

The play that I will cover is called "Would be Gentlemen." It is a very comedic play which features Mister Jordain who tries to get into the aristocracy. He goes through all the tricks and makes a fool of himself. The best part of this book has to be all the times when him and his wife argue. The fights primarily come from Mister Jordain doing dumb things like lending out money he should not, going to dinners uninvited, and rejecting offers he should not refuse. This happens throughout the book and adds a lot of humor to the play. All in all, the play is a must read who need a good laugh.


This book by Molière was quite good and I read it without problems. Don Juan is a character that can changed for purposes of each era. Nice.

Brittany Barth

Moliere's play The Would-Be Gentleman is nothing if not entertaining. From the beginning, you follow Monsieur Jourdain, as he attempts to become a man of the highest ranking, and impress his true love, a Marquise named Dorimene. Whether it is lessons in philosophy, music and dancing, or fencing, or lending money to a man he barely knows, M. Jourdain spares no expense to reach his ultimate goal. However, in doing so, he makes quite a fool of himself. As the script progresses, M Jourdain finds himself in quite the predicament, without even realizing it. Though a short read, The Would-Be Gentleman offers an entertaining glimpse into the life of a man who endlessly tries to fake his status and reach a higher level, though he has everything he could possibly want already.

Fadhl Alesayi

The would be gentlemen is the play I've read about. The play is so interesting because it tells you how low class people were usually smarter than rich or high class people. Also, the wealth of people at that era had to be showed off in order to maintain a good dignity in the society. I recommenced reading the play of The Would be Gentlemen.

Megan Villasenor

the play "The would-be Gentleman" was a very funny book because it pokes fun of at the main character, M. Jourdian, the whole time. the best part is that the M. Jourdian does not even know it! M. Jourdian try's to move his way through social class' through many different attempts; however, not everything is what you expect. this read is easy and entertaining due to the actions of M. Jourdian. M. Jourdian is so desperate to achieve the role of a gentleman that he becomes gullible and acts ridiculous. this book is a must read if you're into humor or making the upperclass look bad.

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