Double Game

ISBN: 1900828065
ISBN 13: 9781900828062
By: Sophie Calle Paul Auster

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Reader's Thoughts


Sophie Calle influenced Paul Auster to create a character based on her bizarre brand of art/life performance (following/dressing strangers, . She then takes her Auster embellished character "Maria" to task- repeating her actions (like eating monochromatic meals) and sharing the documentation from the original and the fictional turned real in a scintillating format.

Kat McKay

While I can appreciate the concept of Sophie Calle's art, I found the book representing it to be... tedious. Her written accounts of her daily activities are dry and impersonal except for when she's following Henri B. At that point she does include her feelings or imagined feelings of Henri, which border on psychosis, not something that appeals to me as "artistic". The detective's writings about her movements were more appealing and much less mind numbing. I would much rather see her photographs or photos of her installations (birthday presents) in a large format, w/a few eloquently written lines depicting her thoughts/feelings. Especially the photos of the hotel rooms & contents. That would have been better done w/the view drawing conclusions of the occupants, not Sophie.


Fantastic result when an artist calls out another artist


There's some cool shit in there for sure, but there's an air of snobbery or something I'm not super cool with too.

Bickety Bam

This book is the documentation of several pieces of performance art. I will never leave anything unlocked in a hotel room ever again. I have an urge to follow strangers through Venice. I am wary of people who smile at me now. Overall, I's say the book is a success.

Kimberly Ann

This was a gift from my 2012 Birthday Club that I just got around to reading now. It's a beautiful edition of an interesting art project. I have mistakenly kept it shelved originally in fiction-- will have to find space for it on my non-fiction shelves! It's more of a well-documented art project inspired by fiction that was inspired by non-fiction than anything else.

Jeff McCall

This book really blurred the lines between literature, art, photography and espionage. It was expertly laid out and original.

Mindy Roth

What was once a larger, $365-dollar art book is now a much smaller, diary-sized hardcover. Sophie Calle responds to Paul Auster's character Maria, a version of herself he created in his novel Leviathan.




The work of this artist took my attention because a friend of mine told me about it and since then it fascinates me. The sensitivity of her work and this double game with fact and fiction. Also I like how she makes something special while at first and second sight it isn't. Plus, the book is a beauty!

Julie Reid

what a wonderful concept for a book.


Adopt a phone booth, why don't you?


I came across Sophie Calle completely unexpectedly when Shea'la drove us to Mass Moca to see her exhibit there. Now despite the fact that there were all sorts of big old Joseph Beuys and Mona Hatoum pieces up, and all sorts of other things I was (and I guess, for that matter, still am) wild about, I pretty much spent the entire afternoon looking at these photographs. I don't think I had spent that much time with a work at a museum/gallery since the big Robert Gober solo show at the LA MOCA with the waterfall staircase. Leslie and I also had the pleasure of finally seeing Double Blind, the video Calle made in the early 90s where she drives cross country with this guy she is trying to get to marry her, chronicling the lack of sex they are having and all their differences. Amazing.


curious so far...her life/art is my fantasy...something i'd never actually do, most people wouldn't but i find it amazing that she does. might inspire me to experiment...hmm


Conceptual art. Experiments in identity. My kinda stuff.

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