Douglas Adams Starship Titanic: The Official Strategy Guide

ISBN: 0609801473
ISBN 13: 9780609801475
By: Neil Richards

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About this book

NO OTHER GUIDE HAS:        SOLUTIONS so complete we despise you for needing to use them!        HINTS so subtle you've got to be a bit of a smart-ass to understand them!        DESCRIPTIONS of natural language parsing engines and object-oriented           programming by people who ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT!        UNCENSORED PHOTOS of DOUGLAS ADAMS in the VERY ACT OF WRITING!        ILLUSTRATIONS from people who've won REAL OSCARS!        INSIGHTS into the SECRET LIVES of PROGRAMMERS!        NO-HOLDS-BARRED back stories to all the CHARACTERS!

Reader's Thoughts


it is a fun read

j monty

Came with the computer game...funny stuff.


The way this guide is put together spoils most of the puzzles. The strategies are not separated enough to get just a hint. It is only good if you don't want to figure out the game for yourself. The guide is good for a laugh, but don't read it until you are through with the game.(edited)

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