Douglas Adams’s Starship Titanic

ISBN: 0345368436
ISBN 13: 9780345368430
By: Terry Jones Douglas Adams

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The name Terry Jones was so discrete on this novel that I thought I had discovered a book by Adams that I had not read, and bought it home in triumph. Instead, it is a book written by Jones, but thought up by Adams. The obvious problem is I kept wondering who had thought up which bit. Adams was unable to write the story himself because he was working on the computer game Starship Titanic - so he tells us in the preface. I wondered if perhaps his reputed writing block might had had something to do with it. Anyway, I loved it. It has been a long time since I read a book by Adams, and maybe that's a good thing, because I found the book to be very much as I remembered Adams style to be.


Die Titanic sollte eigentlich der größte Luxusliner der Weltraumgeschichte werden, allerdings hat sich das der Projektleiter ein anderes Konzept überlegt: Wenn das Schiff bereits beim Stapellauf zerstört wird, dann vergütet die Versicherung den Wert und es ist nicht wichtig, dass die Ausstattung bei Weitem nicht dem entspricht was geplant war. Die Titanic erleidet auch ein massives Existenzversagen, aber dennoch kommt sie durch. Aus den verschiedensten Gründen finden sich jedenfalls einige Lebewesen (auch Menschen von der Erde) an Bord, obwohl sie eigentlich gar nicht dort sein wollen. Sie stolpern von einem Problem ins nächste.Das Buch basiert auf einer Idee von Douglas Adams und wurde von Monty Python Terry Jones geschrieben. Beider Handschrift ist deutlich zu erkennen und das Buch ist durchaus als gelungen zu bezeichnen. Der Humor der beiden ergänzt sich perfekt und so kann sich das Buch durchaus mit der Serie "Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis" vergleichen. Dennoch gestehe ich, dass mir der Anhalter noch einmal um eine Stufe besser gefallen hat.Sprachlich ist das Buch gut geschrieben aber verglichen mit dem "Anhalter" sind die Personen sehr dünn gezeichnet. Dies ist natürlich kein Kriterium für ein Klamaukbuch, aber es ist einfach ein Faktum. Das Buch kann man also durchaus empfehlen, man darf sich aber nicht das Unmögliche erwarten, nämlich eine Steigerung des Anhalters.

C. Patrick Neagle

Douglas Adams passed the writing of this story (based on a throwaway line from one of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books) to Terry Jones because at the time, he was busy working on the video game of the same title. Although Jones does an adequate job, it doesn't reach the level of super-cool/super-clever/super-rolling-in-the-floor-laughing funny that it likely would have reached had Adams penned the tale. That said, there are some very funny bits and some naughty bits, too, so it's worth the read. Just don't expect to be doing any of that rolling about on the linoleum.


I haven't finished reading this book yet, but there's nothing short of a naked Jensen Ackles materializing from the last pages of this book that could possible make this terrible experience any better.This book is horrible. It isn't funny. It makes no sense, and that it doesn't even do in a good way. It is rushed, incoherent and overall bad.I hear that it is based on a computer game, and that makes sense. I don't play games (on the computer), but I imagine that this is what gamers must feel like: realizing you just spend hours doing something which was a total waste of time.I wouldn't have read this at all if it hadn't been given to me by a friend, and I could have never given it back without reading it first.

Vassilena Valchanova

Една от не толкова добрите и забавни хумористични фантастики - слаба фабула и малко скучновати герои. Все пак съм доволна, че привършвам цикъла "Дъглас Адамс" :)


Hitchhiker's Guide meets Monty Python. What more could you ask for? The settings and characters are pure Adams but the writing is unquestionably Terry Jones. A fun reads for fans of both styles with a couple laugh out loud passages.


I have to say I was kind of disappointed in this book. I absolutely adore my compendium of the Hitchhiker's saga (is saga the right word?), and was hoping that this would be a nice little addition to the world Douglas Adams created in that. Or else that it would be somehow similar to that episode of Doctor Who with Ten, although that's probably because I've been re-watching the series on Netflix.The whole idea of the Starship Titanic was a one-off joke in the Hitchhiker's novels, and so while this book is 250-ish pages, it reads quickly and feels more like a short story. It's predictable and somewhat blasé- the books it's spawned from are hilarious and unexpected, and Starship Titanic feels like a pale mockery of that. One of the big problems is definitely that this book isn't really a "collaboration," despite what the description says. It's Douglas Adams's idea hashed out by someone else. Terry Jones isn't a horrible writer or anything, but he lacks the hilarity, whimsy, and humanity that Adams put into all of his works. But since there are clear echoes of things that are Adams' ideas, the fact that it is written instead by Jones makes it almost feel like a sub-par fanfic. The book is a quick read, and isn't terrible, but don't expect to be wowed by it. It does have its share of good humour and cool scenes, but ultimately it falls far, far short of what you'd expect when you hear the name "Douglas Adams."


I found a copy of Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic at a half-price book store last December, and picked it up. I'd played the related computer game when it came out back in 1997 and was curious to see how (what I remembered of) the storyline played out in book format. The story opens with Leovinus - the genius designer of the Starship Titanic "the ship that cannot possibly go wrong" - taking a last-minute tour of the ship, only to find that some very serious corners were cut in its construction. He tracks down the project manager, who is being pointedly questioned by The Reporter - a struggle ensues, during which the ship suffers from SMEF (Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure); winking out of existence from its launch point, crashing into Earth - where 3 humans board it (and Leovinius apparently disembarks), and winking out again. The ship's artificial intelligence is damaged, there's a sentient bomb aboard, and the original builders are massing outside, ready to take the ship as plunder. Terry Jones does a serviceable job writing from the basic outline of the game that Adams designed - but he just doesn't have the subtle & absurd way with language that we see in Hitchhikers or Dirk Gently. It does make me want to try re-loading & playing the game, however. Overall, I'd rate Starship Titanic as a decent, if light, sci-fi read - and recommend it to Douglas Adams completists.

Cheryl in CC NV

Y' know, I honestly don't remember much about this except that I wasn't impressed. I suppose fans of Adams would get more out of it.

John Wiswell

Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic by Terry Jones, a book based on a computer game inspired by a paragraph from a trilogy of five books.Can you really say more?Monty Python vet Terry Jones does his best to emulate Douglas Adams, and while it's imperfect, it's still rather funny in that bizarre way that seems exclusive to zany British writers. It's based on a game designed by Adams, so his spirit is in the substance. It features things only Douglas Adams would think up, like the protagonists arguing with a bomb so that it will lose track and restart its countdown. This brand of humor is too rare to pass up whenever it's sighted.


I found a audiobook on cassette of this novel in a library book sale. Terry Jones does a fantastic job of narrating it, doing all the voices. While not up to the brilliance of Hitchhikers Guide at its best, this is a lot of fun. I particularly like the red-eyed alien journalist, who is not allowed to use his personal name, so he is just called "the journalist." And inevitably, becomes "The" for short. "The" has a mad passion for the earthling woman lawyer who has been accidentally stranded on the seriously damaged Starship Titanic, upon which a talking mega-bomb is in countdown. The prospect of impending death brings the two together in a frantic lust-fest, after which "The" keeps going on and on, in front of his inamarata's boyfriend, at how marvelously uninhibited human morals the boyfriend's annoyance. Don't know how this book would read, but I recommend the recording highly.


When I learned that this book existed, I was desperate to find a copy. The brainchild of Douglas Adams, as interpreted by Terry Jones of "Monty Python" fame?! Where do I sign my soul away?I'm very glad I didn't shell out a lot of cash for this book. It showed promise, but read like a chapter book for kids. I would not give this book to any child, though - there's a lot of sexual, R-rated antics, especially as the book gets moving. That's not to say that this is pure rat poison. The book has its funny moments, and because of those, I do not regret reading it. I do, however, regret buying it, since I will never reread it. If you should pick up this book, get it from a library, or borrow it from some poor schmuck like me who saw the names on the cover and went bananas. It's a very short read, not at all taxing on the mind. But don't assume that you're getting the epitome of Humor, because this book is far from it.


I had always thought this book was more of a close collaboration (à la Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's Good Omens, one of my all-time favourites). However it turns out that Adams spent his time on the computer game of the same name, with Terry Jones writing this novel based on the setting pretty much on his own.So it's somewhat unfair to compare it with other works actually written by DNA. That's fortunate, because it doesn't stand up too well. There are a few great Adams-esque elements - the bomb springs to mind. But much of the book is taken up with unexpected raunchiness and dull relationships.This would probably have been a 2 star review for the book, but it gets bumped up one because I listened to the audiobook version, recorded by Terry Jones himself. He does a great job with that at least, including some hilarious screaming!


Take a computer game written by hilarious author Douglas Adams, get Monty Python's Terry Jones to write the novel (naked), and you get...a novel that reads like it was based on a computer game. Some talent shines through, but not worth it for me.

LammothДа събереш Дъглас Адамс и Тери Джоунс на едно място е все едно да събереш селитра и сяра, и само малко въглен за писане ти трябва за да получиш експлозивен смехотворен барут. Титаник - звездният кораб" веднага ще влезе в класацията ми за петте най-забавни и несериозни истории, които съм чел. Тя е толкова абсурдна, че е трудно да се опише.Най-гениалният ум във вселената построява най-великолепния кораб. Построяването му предизвиква финансова криза на цяла планета, става жертва на заговор, а в крайна сметка е завършен от неомъжените майки-тийнейджърки. По случайност там попадат трима земляни, а главният мозък на кораба е сериозно повреден....

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