Douglas Adams’s Starship Titanic

ISBN: 0345368436
ISBN 13: 9780345368430
By: Terry Jones Douglas Adams

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Reader's Thoughts


I enjoyed it. There was a ring of Hitchhiker's about it but I really just liked it on its own merits. I thought the first few chapters were trying too hard to be Adams & Python but then it turned into more of a Dr Who in his current incarnation, extraordinarily silly but sweet, naughty & fun as well.back cover:At the centre of the galaxy, a vast, unknown civilization is preparing for an event of epic proportions, the launch of the greatest, most gorgeous, most technologically advanced spaceship ever built - the Starship Titanic. An earthling would see the ship as something really, really big, but rather less provincial onlookers would recognize it as the design of Leovinus, the galaxy's most renowned architect. Before the launch Leovinus is having one last little look around and begins to find that things just aren't right; poor workmanship, cybersystems out of control, robots walking into doors. How could this have happened? The Starship Titanic is THE SHIP THAT CANNOT POSSIBLY GO WRONG... While the galaxy's media looks on the following morning, hugely, magnificently, the fabulous ship eases away from the construction dock, picks up speed, sways a little, wobbles a bit, veers wildly and just before it can do untold damage to everything around it, appears to undergo SMEF (Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure). In just ten seconds, the whole, stupendous enterprise is over. And our story has just begun...The Starship Titanic and SMEF first appeared in Douglas Adams' Life, the Universe and Everything. Adams was busy working on the Hitchhiker's graphic computer game so Monty Python's Terry Jones agreed to write this novel to be released at the same time.


Take a computer game written by hilarious author Douglas Adams, get Monty Python's Terry Jones to write the novel (naked), and you get...a novel that reads like it was based on a computer game. Some talent shines through, but not worth it for me.


When I learned that this book existed, I was desperate to find a copy. The brainchild of Douglas Adams, as interpreted by Terry Jones of "Monty Python" fame?! Where do I sign my soul away?I'm very glad I didn't shell out a lot of cash for this book. It showed promise, but read like a chapter book for kids. I would not give this book to any child, though - there's a lot of sexual, R-rated antics, especially as the book gets moving. That's not to say that this is pure rat poison. The book has its funny moments, and because of those, I do not regret reading it. I do, however, regret buying it, since I will never reread it. If you should pick up this book, get it from a library, or borrow it from some poor schmuck like me who saw the names on the cover and went bananas. It's a very short read, not at all taxing on the mind. But don't assume that you're getting the epitome of Humor, because this book is far from it.


I found a audiobook on cassette of this novel in a library book sale. Terry Jones does a fantastic job of narrating it, doing all the voices. While not up to the brilliance of Hitchhikers Guide at its best, this is a lot of fun. I particularly like the red-eyed alien journalist, who is not allowed to use his personal name, so he is just called "the journalist." And inevitably, becomes "The" for short. "The" has a mad passion for the earthling woman lawyer who has been accidentally stranded on the seriously damaged Starship Titanic, upon which a talking mega-bomb is in countdown. The prospect of impending death brings the two together in a frantic lust-fest, after which "The" keeps going on and on, in front of his inamarata's boyfriend, at how marvelously uninhibited human morals the boyfriend's annoyance. Don't know how this book would read, but I recommend the recording highly.

Cheryl in CC NV

Y' know, I honestly don't remember much about this except that I wasn't impressed. I suppose fans of Adams would get more out of it.


easily the best book I've ever read that was based on a CD-ROM computer game, especially under the sub-category of books written by comedians I like based on CD-ROM games by favorite authors. I dare say it tops both of those lists.


This book's concept/authorship tag-team was better on paper than it actually delivered. Part of it might be because I had played the CD rom game on which it is based back in the '90s and much of the story, such as it is, is derived directly from game-play and in-game character interactions with which I was already familiar. Frankly, I thought they were funnier in the game. My opinion might be higher if the gags were new to me. That said, it does have it's amusing bits albeit not nearly as many as one would reasonably expect given the book's pedigree. There were smiles and chuckles and moments of, "oh, cute," but I am hard pressed to remember any good, solid belly-laughs.

Martin Mitchell

A short and sweet romp through space. As usual there are some very observant comic moments. The storyline does, to some effect, follow that of the hitchhikers guide but some quite novel changes. Worth the few days reading it requires.


Die Titanic sollte eigentlich der größte Luxusliner der Weltraumgeschichte werden, allerdings hat sich das der Projektleiter ein anderes Konzept überlegt: Wenn das Schiff bereits beim Stapellauf zerstört wird, dann vergütet die Versicherung den Wert und es ist nicht wichtig, dass die Ausstattung bei Weitem nicht dem entspricht was geplant war. Die Titanic erleidet auch ein massives Existenzversagen, aber dennoch kommt sie durch. Aus den verschiedensten Gründen finden sich jedenfalls einige Lebewesen (auch Menschen von der Erde) an Bord, obwohl sie eigentlich gar nicht dort sein wollen. Sie stolpern von einem Problem ins nächste.Das Buch basiert auf einer Idee von Douglas Adams und wurde von Monty Python Terry Jones geschrieben. Beider Handschrift ist deutlich zu erkennen und das Buch ist durchaus als gelungen zu bezeichnen. Der Humor der beiden ergänzt sich perfekt und so kann sich das Buch durchaus mit der Serie "Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis" vergleichen. Dennoch gestehe ich, dass mir der Anhalter noch einmal um eine Stufe besser gefallen hat.Sprachlich ist das Buch gut geschrieben aber verglichen mit dem "Anhalter" sind die Personen sehr dünn gezeichnet. Dies ist natürlich kein Kriterium für ein Klamaukbuch, aber es ist einfach ein Faktum. Das Buch kann man also durchaus empfehlen, man darf sich aber nicht das Unmögliche erwarten, nämlich eine Steigerung des Anhalters.

Marina Dubois

This book can be very hard to read, especially for people who rarley read.It kind of demands that the reader has an imagination beond reason to appriciate it. This is because of the bizarre style of writng the author uses to imitate Douglas Adam's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It is well written but at times a little heavy to read, but mostly it has the same flow as The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.The story is not as twisted as Adam's masterpice, but more realistic even if you must overlook the earthings mild reactions towards the aliens. On the other hand this book is not suppose to be realistic and that is one of the reasons why to read this book. The wierdness and the bizarre fantazy is liebrating.

M. Tatari

Kapağında Douglas Adams yazdığına aldanmayın. Proje ve konu kendisine ait olsa da kitabı yazan kişi yakın bir arkadaşı.Kitap bildiğimiz Douglas Adams tarzına yakın yazılmış olsa da asla üstadın seviyesine ulaşamıyor. Yine de iyi esprileri yok değil. Örneğin bombayla ilgili espriler çok bomba!Sıkılmadan okuyabileceğiniz, okurken arada bir kıkırdayacağınız sonrasında da muhtemelen kütüphanenizin bir köşesinde unutmaya bırakacağınız bir eser kısacası.

Ана Хелс

Ако някой себеуважаващ се читател на фентъзи и фантастика все още не се е запознал с магна опуса на Дъглас Адамс за Пътеводителя на всичките поизгубени галактически стопаджии – веднага да метнете една пухкава хавлия на рамо и да тичате през глава да си поправяте почти непростимата грешка. За всички останали – помните ли великолепния меланхолично – суициден мърморко с роботско сърце Марвин? Сега си представете цял гигантофилски кораб натоварен до пръсване само с вариации на Марвиновци, кой от кой с по-лош характер, сякаш подбирани сред най-големите нелюбезни бюрократични мрънкала в галактиката по извънредно детайлен междувселенски каталог. Да, точно толкова добро е. Въпреки , че Адамс тук е само инспиратор на събитията и вдъхновител на откачения Тери Джоунс, аз лично не можах да намеря каквато и да било стилистична разлика от обичайните му дъгласовски приключения на ръба на дивия крясък, останал нечут в среда на абсурдно пропусклив вакуум.Казват, че Джоунс е писал книжката напълно гол, и някак си съм склонна да му вярвам – толкова леко и безсрамно написано е, с щипещо английско, и все пак напълно първосигнално разбираемо чувство за хумор, а сцените се редят като в наистина добре обмислен до последна сцена скеч на Монти Пайтън ( за тези , които не знаят – това е група актьори, несвенящи да се подиграят със съмнителна доброжелателност на всичко свято, забранено за коментар или просто табу, и направили едни от най-смущаващите филми на едно чисто етично и политически некоректно ниво, които изключително срамотно те карат да се кискаш в шепа и да гледаш с широко отворени очи сякаш невероятно впечатляваща катастрофа, която не можеш да изповядаш в неделя на който трябва) .Имаме една извънземна цивилизация, намираща се в далеч по-централно място от нас във вселенски мащаб ( за справка – ние сме някъде къмто подмишницата на космоса ) , разрешила проблемите си с трафика преди да премине към ниво на разумно общество и измислила имитиращи оръжия, които запълват желанието на хуманоидните индивиди откъм локви кръв и откъснати крайници, но всъщност не причиняващи почти никакви други щети. Сред тях, разбира се, се натрисат една групичка безскрупулни земляни, които освен да пищят , тичат в кръг и пребиват откачените роботи с всичко под ръка, се хързулват из тъмни дупки, свалят умни бомби и се онождат с инопланетяните съвсем неморално. И откриват колко близки са бюрократичните системи и дребните мошеничества във всеки един ъгъл на мирозданието, а откъм материал се пести по майсторски нагло и в най-мащабния проект на всички времена. Въобще забавлението на моята книга 200 за тази година е гарантирано и за най-кривите читатели, чиято негласна кралица съм аз, естествено :)


The name Terry Jones was so discrete on this novel that I thought I had discovered a book by Adams that I had not read, and bought it home in triumph. Instead, it is a book written by Jones, but thought up by Adams. The obvious problem is I kept wondering who had thought up which bit. Adams was unable to write the story himself because he was working on the computer game Starship Titanic - so he tells us in the preface. I wondered if perhaps his reputed writing block might had had something to do with it. Anyway, I loved it. It has been a long time since I read a book by Adams, and maybe that's a good thing, because I found the book to be very much as I remembered Adams style to be.

Caroline Berg

I'll be honest, this book is nowhere near as humorous as the computer game. What? You didn't know the game existed? I highly recommend you go and find yourself a copy, get an emulator (the game is old, but not too old) and sit down for some awesome fun. The book only captures a small sliver of the game, and sadly, perhaps because I have played the game too many times, the book just doesn't catch me like the game does. Yes, it is slightly different from the game, and yes, it was written by Terry Jones (of Monty Python) while Douglas Adams was busy writing the game script, but you'd think with that great pedigree it would turn out to have more humor, not less... ah well, I still have it to round out my collection of books by Douglas Adams, and it is worth reading at least once.


A couple great sentences from Life, the Universe, and Everything turned into a computer game, which turned into this novel. It's a waste of time. Jones tries so so so hard to sound like Adams, and, well, what do you expect? I laughed, but all the Adams-esque funny bits only highlighted the fact that someone was trying too hard to sound like him. The plot of the novel follows the plot of the original sentences, then follows the ship as it appears on Earth after its so-called Spontaneous Existence Failure. The ship then travels back to its planet of origin and the Earthicans on board have adventures. Pretty loose definition of "existence," it would seem. Jones delivers humor here, and nothing more, yet it falls far short of living up to DNA's name.

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