Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Dog (Adventures of Wishbone, #14)

ISBN: 1570643881
ISBN 13: 9781570643880
By: Nancy Butcher Alexander Steele

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About this book

Joe Talbot's neighbor, Wanda Gilmore, meets the man of her dreams. But Joe, Ellen Talbot, and Wishbone are puzzled by the change in Wanda's personality -- she's just not herself. Wanda invites the Talbots to attend her mystery man's amateur-talent-night show, and everyone is in for a hair-raising surprise! This intrigue reminds Wishbone of the book Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson. Wishbone imagines himself as John Utterson, a lawyer who follows the trail of a strange and evil man who is terrorizing nineteenth-century London. As Utterson unravels this mystery, he will face dark secrets, witness a frightening scientific experiment gone wrong, and have a fur-raising encounter with a monster!

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