ISBN: 0140567445
ISBN 13: 9780140567441
By: Ezra Jack Keats Joy Peskin

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About this book

Roberto is excited about the paper mouse he made in school, until Amy asks, "Does it do anything?" Roberto isn't sure, so he leaves the mouse on his window sill and goes to bed. Before long his apartment building is quiet, but Roberto can't fall asleep. So he gets up to look out the window and sees Archie's cat being chased by a big, snarling dog! Roberto doesn't know what to do, but fate steps in and an unlikely hero comes to the cat's rescue. "The artist's skillful use of a combination of acrylic painting and collage has never been more effectively employed than in this quiet tale." -The Horn Book

Reader's Thoughts


I remember having this book read to me as a child, and there was something about it that felt magical.


I really enjoyed this book. Seeing the use of watercolor to paint the pictures and experience the dream of the boy was beautiful. It helped this book come to life.


If no ones sees it happen, is it a dream?


This book didn't get me until the page where it shows the apartment building from the outside windows, with one window lit up with crazy marbled paper, the text proclaiming, "And then someone started dreaming."I now know why there is an Ezra Jack Keats award.Beautiful.


Grade/Interest Level – Primary/ Learn to readReading Level: 60L LexileGenre: Realistic FictionMain Characters: Roberto, paper toy mouseSetting: Urban apartment building window and stoopPOV: NarratorThis story is about a boy named Roberto who can’t seem to fall asleep at bed time. He gets out of bed to see the paper mouse he made at school on the window sill. Outside he sees a cat being cornered by a big angry dog. Roberto doesn’t know what to do and accidently knocks his paper mouse off the window sill. As it falls, it makes a big scary shadow on the side of the building and scares the snarly dog away. The cat is safe and sound and jumped back into Arhcie’s, Roberto’s friend, window. I would use this book in the classroom because the story is very suspenseful. It engages the reader and the accompanying illustrations are brightly colored and depict a familiar setting to students from an urban community. Also, the scenario of not being able to sleep at night is something that all students can relate to. The unexpected hero of the story provides a humorous twist that students will enjoy reading about.


I didn't love this book. I found the plot a bit confusing for storytime. Admittedly, my reading may have been a bit influenced by the fact that the library copy I read had been torn to shreds. Still, not my favourite.


Ezra Jack Keats returns us to his favorite neighborhood. This time, Robertos' mouse saves Archies' cats' life!

Sam Bloom

Certainly not Keats's best, but still pretty great! The illustrations are just wonderful - he really could do amazing things with color and shading.

Rosa Cline

This is a very simple story about a little boy and his neighbor friends. They all go to bed but he can't go to sleep. Then he looks out the window at night and find something that no one else has seen. And his paper mouse he made became special after all... The illustrations were just as special as the story itself.


This book has so many possibilities. I can make a great story basket and use a flashlight to create shadows. You can use this in a lesson about shadows. Many opportunities for creative writing assignments.Kindergarten through 4th grade.


Interesting book, won't use in lesson. Maybe have on my bookshelf in classroom.


I thought this book was fun because it is so unrealistic for children in a way that it gives them a strong sense of imagination. It teaches kids to be a hero and to help when others are down, if they have the time!

Jennifer Amichia

Besides "A Snowy Day", I'd never read any of Ezra's work. The pictures are very detailed and reel you in automatically. I really felt like I was there in some of the pages! This was a good read about how the unlikeliest heroes can step in and save the day. I'd use this to motivate my students not to give themselves the short end of the stick. They all possess amazing qualities that are all their own.

Taylor Harnish

The best part about this book are the illustrations. AMAZING!


I have read many books by the talented Ezra Jack Keats. Dreams is among my favorite books by him. Most of his books take place in an urban setting. I really liked the artwork in Dreams. While everyone is sleeping in his tenement building, Roberto stays awake with his paper mouse. He looks out the window and notices there is trouble. It is a good short story that I do not want to spoil.

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