Driver’s Ed

ISBN: 0385320876
ISBN 13: 9780385320870
By: Caroline B. Cooney Liska

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About this book

Driver’s Ed was like so many things in school. If the parents only knew . . .From the Paperback edition.

Reader's Thoughts

Mary Bronson

This book was really good. I like how this goes throught the different POV of the characters. This is a tradgic, but kind of true story. I mean most teenagers do stupid things and have no idea abou what kind of results they might get. Plus I couldn't put the book down once I got started. I wanted to see if Remy and Morgan were going to tell that they were the ones who stole the sign.

Ms. Liebman

Kind of heartbreaking. I mean, it wasn't the greatest read, but it was teenagingly crazy. Reminds me of the movie Charlie Bartlett. I found the characters pretty shallow and not very likeable, but the story was easy to follow and definitely made me think.

Sarah Tilatitsky

This book is pretty good. No, really. The suspense, however, seems a little less than some of her other books. I didn't really feel the gasp. Maybe it's because I don't really have a heart, or I'm just not feeling it. It is great for anyone. ☺

Elise R

I thought this book was one Cooney's creepier works, just because of how grounded in reality it was. I've always felt guilt keenly, so this book really wound its way into the pit of my stomach. I think this is a good example of what a teen novel can be: it deals with relateable situations that are terrifying in their possibility. It teaches a lesson without being preachy. I remember not being able to put this book down, but really really wanting to do so.


At first i thought this book was not that good but once i started reading it, i kind of liked it. It is basically about a girl in school learning how to drive. Remy and her Boyfriend Morgan and Nicholas decided to steal signs but it didn't go well. The tragedy shocked many. In my opinion, this book was okay but not that great. I expected more from the ending but my expectations were not met. I would recommend this to people.

Tyler Vest

Drivers Ed is one of the many dramatic and impacting novels written by Caroline B. Cooney. It basically talks about these ordinary and naive high school students in their driver's education class who eventually learn the importance of the class from a horrific and fatal event involving a few of their classmates that will change their lives forever. The story starts off as a normal routine for the main characters, Remy Marland and Morgan Campbell, who obviously have strong feelings for each other throughout the book. Despite the fact they both have a very strong desire of receiving their driver's license; their Drivers Education Class becomes simply a class where they do nothing but dream of each other's existence and play the game of which one will ask the other out on a date first instead of every class being a learning experience. Their friends share the same line of thought as well ignoring the true importance of a class that prepares one for the first step of entering adulthood. One day, Remy, Morgan and a few other friends named Lark and Nickie go on a driving assignment for their class when they come across a unique road sign that says THICKLY SETTLED. The sign appeals to Lark a lot and she is inspired to add it to her road sign collection. She eventually encourages the gang to go out on a stealing spree for other signs for themselves days later. One of the most appealing signs they ended up stealing was a large, red stop sign at the intersection of Cherry road and Warren Street in the story. Just days later, the evening news comes on and one of main topics discussed is about 26 year-old Denise Thompson being involved in a car accident at the intersection of Cherry Road and Warren Street where she was killed instantly. Her cause of death: failure to stop at what was supposed to be a stop sign, but instead was a simple wooden post that seemed to be cut at the top with a hacksaw. The incident leaving behind her 2-year-old son Bobby and her husband who loved her with all his heart heavily impact Denise Thompson’s family. The incident impacts the teens in countless ways such as slowly being eaten alive by the guilt they felt inside. They are soon brought to the conclusion of whether they should confess to their parents, the law, and even Mr. Thompson himself, or should they keep quiet for the rest of their entire lives and hope the guilt they feel inside will dissolve into the back of their memory forever. Unfortunately, the absolute most I could possibly give this book were 2 stars because the novel contained way too much romance at the beginning between the main characters Remy Marland and Morgan Campbell (well, at least too much for myself to handle!!). Although I did enjoy the life lesson it taught me on the importance of my Drivers Ed class. I would definitely recommend this book to other high school teens that enjoy novels that contain a lot of drama that never makes you want to stop reading. I wouldn't recommend this book for people like me who absolutely cannot stand any type of romance what so ever in novels or simply don't enjoy novels that reflect on sadness and guilt more than anything else. I personally would recommend trying Code Orange by this author though. It's probably my favorite one she's written so far.


I read this book in my reading class in middle school. I love Cooney's work. "The Prisoner of Time" series, I love. So I wasn't complaining when reading this, but the plot was a little flat. Unlike her other work, this one was easy going.


Horrid. Forced to read it for English class, as part of a unit on pleasure reading. Had strong words with my teacher on the subject of what did and what did not constitute pleasure reading.


This contemporary fictional book centers around a group of high school students going through Driver’s Ed. But most specifically it centers around one boy, Morgan, who doesn’t have a very close relationship with his family. He rarely talks with his parents, and family time is usually spent watching the news together on television. As Morgan and the girl he likes, Remy, start hanging out with a trouble- maker, Nicky, they are drawn into the fad of stealing road signs. One night they steal a stop sign, and the next day hear that a young woman was killed at that intersection because there was no stop sign. The book deals with the horrendous guilt that Remy and Morgan feel, knowing that they are responsible for this woman’s death. This book has some great themes about the consequences of our actions. This would be a great book for high school students especially, since many of them don’t think about the possible negative consequences of their actions, especially when it comes to driving. In the book stealing road signs seems like such a small and insignificant thing, like many high school pranks, but they can lead to lasting and devastating consequences. I think this book would appeal to high school students, however, because it is very much from the teens’ point of view, and doesn’t come across sounding didactic. It combines normal high school drama, romance, adventure, family problems, and taking risks into one.

Auston Nagata

This book was very unpredictable and was well written. I am a fan of Caroline B Cooney and this book just adds to my love of her books. The story was fine but my only complaint would be that the ending was rushed and sloppy. Mostly the story is that some teenagers take a stop sign and it leads to some unpleasing results. The book is overall a good read and I recommend this book.

Morrow Berberich

In the book Driver ED by Caroline B. Cooney in my opinion was spectacular. Hands up outstanding by how the Author wrote the book and told the story. Driver’s ED was about a girl named Rembrandt, who was the main character and Morgan, Rembrandt’s secret crush. Rembrandt has a nickname that she goes by in school, its Remy. Morgan and Remy are both in the same Driver’s ED class together and in many of each others other classes. Everyday in Driver’s ED; Mr. Fielding, the Driver’s ED teacher, takes three kids out to drive and the rest stays with the librarian who doesn’t care about anything, so she puts in ear plugs and lets the kids do anything. Morgan, Lark, and Remy go almost every class out to drive because everyone else is scared to and doesn’t want to anyway. Mr. Fielding never notices that they drive every time, he is a confused teacher. They all went out driving one day and Remy ran over a cement median in the middle of the lanes. One class, they all decided to start a contest to see who could take the most signs on the road. Remy, Morgan, and the driver Nickie all went to get signs one night and they got Morgan Street and a stop sign. Later they found out that a woman died the next night by a truck running into her. “Kids took the stop sign that was supposed to be there. She didn’t know there was one so she kept going and she just wasn’t lucky in this crash. He has left a husband and a 1 year old alone now” the reporter says. Consequences are to come but to find out; you will have to read the book! I recommend this book for every to read. It’s a very good book for teenagers to read because they are making choices and starting to drive. There is no negatives about this book that was displayed. Remy is a questionable character though becuase she changes throughout the book and is a very complex character. Morgan is friends with Remy and he likes her alot but he just doesn't know how to show her. He is afaid of loosing her but if he doesn't react soon, there is no chance with him dating her. Although she wants that too, she doesn't know what to think when he ignores her all the time.flag Morrow Berberich Reply Quote Set Flag


** spoiler alert ** When really good, normal kids do something that has bad results, does that make them bad kids? Does the entire world change when something bad happens because of something you didn't think about before you acted? Do your parents stop loving you if you make a mistake? Remy, Morgan and their friends are about to find out. This book should be "must" reading for all eighth graders, because then there wouldn't be nearly as many high school students who don't realize that there are consequences to their actions.Key issues:Consequences, friends, family, courage to speak up, peer pressure, blackmail, pranks.Major Characters:Remy: A 'good' girl, Remy winds up in the position of needing to tell the adults that she loves that she has done something wrong. She learns something about love and family along the way.Morgan: A bright perfect son in the perfect family, Morgan faces the same conundrum that Remy does-- should he 'fess up, or should he hope everything blows over? Complicating Morgan's decision is the fact that his father-- whom Morgan loves very much-- has decided to run for Governor, and Morgan is afraid that his news will ruin his father's chances for election.Lark: Remy's best friend, Lark is the one who came up with the idea in the first place, but then she didn't go along with the others at the last minute.Nicholas Budie: Nickie Budie as their child's friend is every parents' bad dream, and he was along with Remy and Morgan on the night everything happened. Unlike Morgan and Remy though, Nick has decided that the truth must never be told-- and he threatens Morgan with blackmail to keep him quiet. Mr. Fielding: Although he is the Driver's Ed teacher, Mr. Fielding never pays any attention to his students-- until he is jolted into awareness by certain events.Mr. Willit: Morgan and Remy's show choir teacher, Mr. Willit is one of those teachers who never met a truly bad kid. Nickie Bundie does make him question that, though. He is also married to Morgan and Remy's pastor.Mr. and Mrs Campbell: Morgan's perfect, lawyer parents. Morgan's father is about to run for Governor and his mother is a high-powered and high-energy lady.Starr: Morgan's little sister. Starr is a champion brown-nose and a blackmailer extraordinaire as far as Morgan is concerned, and his secret is just the type of thing that she would use to her own advantage if she found out before his parents did.Mac: Remy's younger brother. Mac is always getting into trouble, and when he isn't, he is pointing fingers and trying to blame someone else for whatever is wrong in the world. It's very little wonder then, that Remy was afraid he'd find out her secret and use it to torture her. But Mac is family, and he is also full of surprises...Mr. and Mrs. Marland: Remy and Mac's parents. The Marland family is not financially well-off like the Campbells are, but they love and support each other in very obvious ways. Until...Interesting information:Caroline B. Cooney has written many award-winning books for young people, and this book continues the trend. Driver's Ed was an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, and an ALA Quick Pick for Young Adults.


Subjexts: Cars, vandalism, personal responsibility, peer pressure, first-love, family relationships, driving, fear, and taking risks. Cooney “is a master of mixing spellbinding suspense with thought-provoking insight into teenagers' lives” ( Driver’s Ed is romance, suspense, and realistic fiction all rolled into one story. It teaches a big lesson in life—how to take responsibility for what you have done. In the case of Remy and Morgan, stealing the stop sign was a split-second thrill. However, that thrill quickly fades when they learn that someone has been killed. Their secret leads to unbearable guilt and remorse. In due time they confess only to realize they have also shamed their families. A second lesson of Driver’s Ed is taking responsibility for what you have not done. Mr. Fielding, the driver’s education teacher knew that the class was talking about stealing signs, yet he did nothing until it was too late. Mr. Fielding knew he was not a good teacher. Driver’s education is all about life and death which is exactly what Mr. Fielding did not teach his students. Driver’s Ed is a book that all young adults should read well before they reach the age of sixteen. Cooney gives librarians an interesting image (p. 4). Mrs. Bee the school librarian feels that just because the driver’s ed classroom is adjacent to the library it is not her responsibility to supervise the kids left in the classroom. Mrs. Bee simply wears her sunglasses and supervises nothing. An excellent book for the reluctant reader. Fasten your seat belt for Driver’s Ed—it’s a ride you won’t forget.

Fiona P.

** spoiler alert ** Not a good read. The beginning was nice but then it turned into some depressing teen tragedy. The only think I kind of liked was the writing style, and I still skipped paragraphs. This is the first book I've read by this author, and I am still trying to keep an open mind that the rest aren't as bad as this one. It was well written, but had I known this was what it was going to be like--funny at first then a stupid accident, then people feeling sorry for themselves--I would never have picked it up. I'm not sure what you're meant to take away from this but I kind of got the gist of "everything has a consequence" but most people with common sense already know that by now. And who would steal a sign anyway? That's foolish and stupid, and not even they thought it was a great idea, just something fun, then someone is dies brutally killed, and now everyone hates them.


Author: Caroline B. CooneyTitle: Driver’s EdGenre: young adult novel Publication Info: Dell. 1996.Recommended Age: 11 and olderPlot Summary: Remy and Morgan are friends who are taking driver’s education together. Their teacher is very aloof. He does not bother to get to know the students’ names, and he inadvertently allowed Remy and Morgan to drive together several days in a row because they were wearing the other students’ nametags. Those who were not driving stayed in the classroom to watch movies. The two friends soon get the idea to do a scavenger hunt with road signs. Unfortunately, the last one they pick up is a crucial stop sign. They find out via the news that a driver died because of their actions. At first they try to hide the fact that they were responsible for the death of that young mother. When they cannot avoid it any longer, they each tell their parents what they had done. In a strange role reversal, both Remy and Morgan’s mothers lash out in anger while their fathers remain calm. Mr. Fielding realizes that he is partly to blame for what happened. Because of his guilt, he gives the class a lecture that finally shows he cares. The most severe punishment Remy and Morgan receive is having Christmas ruined by their actions.Personal Notes: I really enjoyed reading this book in an hour like we did in class. I can visualize doing that with just a few pages for each student in a normal junior high class setting. Before this, I had never heard of that activity before. I was able to see that you can get a good feeling for a book just by reading several pages anywhere from within the book. I just hope none of the students think they can get away with doing that for all their reading assignments.Evaluation: I am part-way through reading Peeling the Onion, which seems to have a very similar theme or message. Both contain a car accident in which people are detrimentally affected. Both point out that nothing significant will happen to the drivers of the cars. It seems that this is unfair. Why don’t we have laws that will punish people for the extent of damage they cause? Instead, they get a slap on the hand for completely ruining someone’s life, or even killing someone, simply by their negligence. The main thing that is different between these two stories is the point of view. One is of the driver’s, and one is of the victim’s. Nevertheless, it is not surprising that the message is still the same.Other Comments: I think this is an excellent book to have students read just before they get their driver’s licenses. It has a good scare tactic…Remy and Morgan could be anyone. They were just having a good time. Certain consequences can be unexpected, but there is always a consequence to what we choose to do or how we choose to behave.

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