Dune Trilogy Box Set

ISBN: 0425039323
ISBN 13: 9780425039328
By: Frank Herbert

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Reader's Thoughts

Donna Riley-lein

Dune is a planet of limits and possibilities. It is a place waiting for the people bred for its promise.But it goes wrong. Or right. It depends on your perspective. Perspective, like the sands of Dune change with the wind.Dune is a treatise on power, ecology and hubris. It is one of the books any science fiction fan should read at least once.


Bellissimo il primo dei tre romanzi.Gli altri due non sono riusciti a coinvolgermi come il primo.Comunque una pietra miliare del genere.

Melanie T

This was fabulous in all it's concepts. It was read as a teenager, an ardent lover of Robert Heinlein more adult sci fi....it was never successfully filmed to my mind.

Shimon de Valencia

The mythos the late Mr Herbert Has bequeathed to us either enraptures or bores the reader. I am of the former, this is mature, intellectual, dramatic science fiction that still resonates as a warning about power and its dangers. I seem to read rhis every few years and never tire, nor fail to gain a new insight. Simply put, glorious.


Although the story is certainly epic, the way of telling the story is in my humble opinion not good. I don't like Herbert's style of prose. Its too slow. Plus the characters come out as stale,emotionless and statuesque. I am aware that it was meant to be that way. But reading a trilogy, where the protagonist, and his mother always try to mask their emotions; you just can't relate to the characters. I'm almost at the end of the first book in the trilogy, and I don't think I'll be reading anymore of them. Big disappointment.


Ну что я могу сказать. Дюна и Мессия Дюны выдержаны в одном духе, в меру мудреные, наполненные событиями, интригами, отношениями и все как положено. Читать их было интересно и затягивающие. Явление гхолы там конечно выглядело дивом-дивным, но в сюжет истории вполне вписалось. Уход Пола в пустыню это вообще именно та концовка, все красиво и со вкусом. Король погиб, да здравствует король! Две первые книги читать нужно и читать стоит вне всякого сомнения! Но вот дальше тот самый гаденький червячок уже закрался в душу автора, хотя и прошел практически не замеченным во второй книге. Но вышла третья и как любой автор, которому хотелось развивать свою вселенную дальше, он немного увлекся. С каждой новой книгой все, что разочаровывало меня в хрониках, расцветало все более буйным цветом. Дети дюны уже заполучили крайне фантастический даже по меркам фантастики сюжет и супер крутого избранного впереди планеты всея в лице Лето второго. Характеры начали внезапно менять свои принципы, как например в случае с Алией, и да-да не смотря на, то что автор, на надцати страницах пытается доказать, что это все ее слабость и злой дядька Владимир Харконен, который поселился в ее голове, я автору почему-то не верю совершенно. То же самое с леди Джессикой, хотя тут, что не говори, подстройка персонажа под требования сюжета удалась аккуратней. Гхола-самоубийца Данкан Айдахо, вызывает одно только недоумение. Вернувшийся из пустыни Проповедник - шикарен, но увы ровно до того момента пока автор не начинает давить нас на слезу и описывать его тяжелую долю. Третью книгу читать, конечно, тоже можно, но с пометкой "Ага... бывает в Датском королевстве и такое..." Она хороша для того, чтобы читатель понимал о чем пойдет речь в книге 4. (и по-моему 4 это последняя книга которую стоит из хроник читать...)

Derrick Scott

I read ALL of the dune books in one sitting over a few weeks, that is how good they are, no one is better than another, all are epic, unfortunately I can't remember what happened in each book, it is an ongoing saga involving space folding / time travelling ships that are navigated by being who consume the spice, the spice is what the entire economy is built on, it is like a drug that changes you into one of these beings.....


These were really fun. As soon as I finished one I grabbed the next. I was sorry to see them end. Unlike most incredibly detailed books it didn't take me long to "get into" the story.

Todd Campbell

The first book, Dune, is superb. The other two.... Messiah was hard to read with hidden/double/triple meanings in nearly every sentence. Children was better but not as good as Dune. Overall I did enjoy the trilogy but will not be rushing to get the other three from Frank Herbert


OK - let's cut through the BS.This is - quite simply - the most magnificent Sci-Fi epic ever written. The scope of Asimov's Foundation, the attention to detail and context of Tolkien's LotR, coupled with an unmatched visionary socio-ecological messianic narrative that is scarily relevant today.Anyone who likes Sci-Fi and who hasn't read this needs to get a copy. And read it. Now.


This book is not one to be read only once. Repeated reads are needed to understand the multiple layers to this novel. I think I'm going to have to read the rest of the books now...

R. Curtis Venture

The five star rating is for Dune, the first book. Children of Dune and Dune Messiah, while both competent works, simply do not reach the dizzying heights of that first episode. I frequently try to explain to people that Dune is one of the best books they could hope to read, to no avail. It's set in space land, during the space times, so how could it possibly be good, right? Because of its vast scope and grandeur, that's how. Because it retains human characters while exploring the big questions of the nature and fate of mankind. Because it faces eternity and tries to pull back the curtain. I have read nothing like it since, and don't expect to again.

Stephen Pearl

A brilliant examination of human politicks and potential. Also an exploration of the dichotomy of destiny and free will as Paul struggles to stem the inevitable tide of events that will rip human society apart. One of the best books ever written.

Viking Paul

Forget best Sci-Fi series. Dune stands as a good contender for the the greatest novel ever, and the rest of the series screams that Herbert be proclaimed one of the most brilliant literary talents.

Don Gubler

One of the best Sci-Fi of all time. A whole new world is created in a very imaginative and human fashion. Don't bother with the rest of the trilogy but the first book is amazing.

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