Dune Trilogy Box Set

ISBN: 0425039323
ISBN 13: 9780425039328
By: Frank Herbert

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Reader's Thoughts


The latter novels did not have the clarity of vision and meaning that the first does

Melanie T

This was fabulous in all it's concepts. It was read as a teenager, an ardent lover of Robert Heinlein more adult sci fi....it was never successfully filmed to my mind.

Viking Paul

Forget best Sci-Fi series. Dune stands as a good contender for the the greatest novel ever, and the rest of the series screams that Herbert be proclaimed one of the most brilliant literary talents.

Derrick Scott

I read ALL of the dune books in one sitting over a few weeks, that is how good they are, no one is better than another, all are epic, unfortunately I can't remember what happened in each book, it is an ongoing saga involving space folding / time travelling ships that are navigated by being who consume the spice, the spice is what the entire economy is built on, it is like a drug that changes you into one of these beings.....

Ezzeldin Sakr

try it in french, fantastic. take care however it contains spoiled wisdom. Anyway Arrakis may be iraq and l'epis may be petrol while the worms may represent fear.

Bruce Retallack

A breakthrough series with an extraordinarily rich world/society to fuel the plot and engage our curiosity. As is so often the case, I thought the first book was the best, perhaps only because of the novelty.


Finished the Dune (the first of the trilogy). Good story but you can tell there is an agenda behind the writing and it's better to un-earth those ideas with someone else who has read it.

Don Gubler

One of the best Sci-Fi of all time. A whole new world is created in a very imaginative and human fashion. Don't bother with the rest of the trilogy but the first book is amazing.


Although the story is certainly epic, the way of telling the story is in my humble opinion not good. I don't like Herbert's style of prose. Its too slow. Plus the characters come out as stale,emotionless and statuesque. I am aware that it was meant to be that way. But reading a trilogy, where the protagonist, and his mother always try to mask their emotions; you just can't relate to the characters. I'm almost at the end of the first book in the trilogy, and I don't think I'll be reading anymore of them. Big disappointment.

Patrick Cory

Loved it. Herbert creates a world in which drug trade affects the lives of a whole world and its the heroes destiny to set it right. The writing is eerily haunting and good.

Shimon de Valencia

The mythos the late Mr Herbert Has bequeathed to us either enraptures or bores the reader. I am of the former, this is mature, intellectual, dramatic science fiction that still resonates as a warning about power and its dangers. I seem to read rhis every few years and never tire, nor fail to gain a new insight. Simply put, glorious.

Donna Riley-lein

Dune is a planet of limits and possibilities. It is a place waiting for the people bred for its promise.But it goes wrong. Or right. It depends on your perspective. Perspective, like the sands of Dune change with the wind.Dune is a treatise on power, ecology and hubris. It is one of the books any science fiction fan should read at least once.

Freya Roberts

The 'Lord Of The Rings' of science fiction, I started reading my aunt's battered old copies while stuck in America in the spring and found it absolutely wonderful. Intensely gripping, I enjoyed it so much I went out and bought my own copy of the trilogy. Incredibly dense and rich with detail, these books are totally unputdownable, and the intrigue will keep you turning pages for hours. Loved them so much I named one of my cuddly toys Gurney Halleck :)

Ian Martyn

I know its a classic and I enjoyed this one, but gave up on the series half way book three hence the three '*' Maybe its just me but book three got very preachy?


Have been reading this series since high school, many moons ago. Got my hands on the first book, read it in one night and was hooked.Once I was done with the series as written by Frank Herbert, I got into the series as written by his son Brian Herbert, and a co-writer, Kevin J. Anderson. They are amazing! They remained true to the characters but what's more, they remained true to the series itself, which to me, is the main character! Dune is epic in scope and the detail and consistency in the story is awesome.Love it!

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