Economics of Women, Men, and Work

ISBN: 0131851543
ISBN 13: 9780131851542
By: Francine D. Blau Marianne Ferber Anne Winkler

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About this book

A current summary and synthesis of research and data on gender issues in the labor market, this book presents readers with a single volume that thoroughly explores gender issues in the workplace and in the family. Chapter topics include women and men: changing roles in a changing economy, the family as an economic unit, the allocation of time between the household and the labor market, differences in occupations and earnings, recent developments in the labor market, changing work roles and the family, and gender differences in other countries. For use by practicing economists and social scientists, and for men and women interested in learning about their place within-and effect upon-the labor market.

Reader's Thoughts


If I'm going to spend the semester pouring over these things, I suppose it's only fair to review them.This was ok. It's a good preliminary look at the economics of women. It's well-researched and it highlights some interesting studies. That was probably the most engaging part of the text.For anyone who's read a labor economics text, it's ridiculously redundant. I can hardly imagine how you'd read this without getting the basic labor background. It should've been heavily edited down.

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