Elizabeth and Todd Forever (Sweet Valley University, #27)

ISBN: 055357051X
ISBN 13: 9780553570519
By: Francine Pascal Laurie John

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About this book

Elizabeth Wakefield is in love...with Todd Wilkins. Todd was only supposed to cheer up a brokenhearted Elizabeth--help her forget about longtime love Tom Watts. But the familiar taste of Todd's gentle kiss and the feel of his strong arms around her makes Elizabeth's head spin. You never get a second chance to make an impression. Jessica Wakefield learns this the hard way when she slams her Jeep into a sports car on the freeway. Jessica blows up at the crazy driver. Who cares? She'll never see the woman again. But Jessica does...the night her boyfriend Nick Fox takes her home to meet his parents.

Reader's Thoughts

Sheila Read

I remember the cover just not the story.


...In which we learn that Sweet Valley has its own airline, Sweet Valley International. Okay, why not.


Elizabeth and Todd finally FINALLY go back out together and it makes me happy because ever since I have read Sweet Valley High they made a really good couple then when I started to read this series I got mad and then Sweet Valley Confidential made me even madder so appearently I'm sticking to Sweet Valley High

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