Encyclopedia of Thai Massage

ISBN: 1844090299
ISBN 13: 9781844090297
By: C. Pierce Salguero

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About this book

Thai massage is an increasingly popular healing modality and many American and European massage schools offer at least an introductory course to their students.

Reader's Thoughts


First, of course, you cannot learn Thai massage from a book. But if you have studied Thai massage with a real live teacher, this is a great book to have around to compliment your learning. As a massage therapist of 17 years and an instructor of Thai massage, I can easily say that this is one of the best books written on the subject in the english language.


Excellent information and overview. Some of it differs from what I've been taught by ITM trainers, which leads me to want to do more reading from various schools of Northern-style Thai massage, but the info re Sen lines & acupressure points was very handy!

Nicky Abell-Francis

This book has great pictorial content for the thai enthusiast. Covering sen lines and related postures to aid energy flow. Very informative and traditional content.


A good overview of Thai massage.

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