Eric Meyer on CSS: Mastering the Language of Web Design with Cascading Style Sheets

ISBN: 073571245X
ISBN 13: 9780735712454
By: Eric A. Meyer Jeffrey Zeldman

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About this book

Easy-to-follow projects that go beyond the basics to present solutions to design problems, this book not only tells readers how to write CSS, but explains why they've taken the steps recommended. Meyer provides a variety of carefully crafted projects that teach how to use CSS and why particular methods were chosen.

Reader's Thoughts


I'm sure this is a fine book for some interests but it doesn't work for me where I am now. It's essentially a sort of "recipe book": each chapter starts with a premise like "Styles for Print" and "How to Skin a Menu" and goes step-by-step showing how Mr. Meyer would tackle the problem. Fine for learning how Mr. Meyer would tackle a problem but not so much for learning how CSS can tackle problems and then selecting which approach to adopt. Maybe I'll try it again a little later ....


These are classics in the field, of course...Now, I'm glancing through them again to refresh after two years off.

Peter Anderson

This book is a little dated but the author is a "master" of applied CSS!

Craig Cecil

This is an excellent book for progressing from using style sheets for specifying only fonts and colors to building entire sites driven by CSS layout rendering--it is not a reference book. The author (who, incidentally led the W3C effort to define the CSS2 Recommendation) presents thirteen different real-world types of projects to teach and explain the power of CSS, ranging from conversion of existing pages and creation of menuing systems, to multicolumn layout. A short book that will make big changes in the way you build web sites.

Oscar Sánchez

Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman are the masters of web design, so this book is a must!

Joe Martin

Eric Meyer on CSS: Mastering the Language of Web Design (VOICES) by Eric Meyer (2002)

Andrew Burwell

Great book, this basically taught me everything I needed to know to design with CSS.


Il maestro indiscusso dei fogli di stile. Per un primo approccio avanzato con i CSS, partite da Eric Meyer e da questo libro.


He's such a wonderful web guru. No other technical writer writes this off-the-cuff about process and practice.

Artor the Destroyer

A very hands-on trip through CSS from simple font and color changes to layout and positioning. This book stops short of more "interactive" styles because that sort of thing requires JavaScript, which is beyond the scope of the book.The opening chapter deals with converting a site from table-based layout to style-based, a worthy endeavor for any developer. From that point forward, it's a step by step walk through total conversions of various pages, with explanations of the code along the way. Syntax is never explained explicitly, but CSS syntax is so simple that it can be easily picked up along the way.Going from this book to building my own sites was a very easy and simple transition.It must be highlighted, however, that this book does not explore any design theory. You will not learn how to choose appropriate colors or pick fonts or design good layouts from this book. But if you already have these things in mind, the book will teach you how to apply those designs to a web page.

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