Ernest Hemingway and His World

ISBN: 0684185040
ISBN 13: 9780684185040
By: Anthony Burgess

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Reader's Thoughts


Burgess packs a lot into this incredibly short biography. It is a swift, almost whirlwind, account of Hemingway's life that feels like a runaway train that cannot be stopped. It is so short that you can read it in practically one sitting. Overall, you could say it's rather fitting that a biography of Hemingway be written in such a minimalist style. Burgess's humble foreword acknowledges that his is merely a brief sketch so I cannot fault him for lacking in-depth literary analysis, as some other reviewers here have expressed wanting. It is what it is and if you want something more, Burgess offers up his recommendations.I think Burgess offered just enough to pique my curiosity of Hemingway's other works. He often points out how the people and moments in Hemingway's life become integrated into the various literary works. I read this immediately afer "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and found myself even looking for ways Hemingway fit his own experience into the story. Burgess attempts to disentangle myth and man but still leaves us with some aura of mystery. I came away from the book both understanding why many people hate Hemingway and also feeling empathy towards him. A mark of a good book is one that prompts you to read more and I think Burgess achieved that.


A portrait of the artist as a son of a bitch.

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