Ernest Hemingway’s the Old Man and the Sea (Bloom’s Notes)

ISBN: 0791040712
ISBN 13: 9780791040713
By: Harold Bloom Ernest Hemingway

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Reader's Thoughts


I Fing HATE this book!!!!

Ben Maltbie

Three reasons why this book should/shouldn't be part of the syllabus:I believe that this book should be apart of an english classroom's syllabus because of the following three reasons: it teaches one how to look for symbolism, it helps you understand how to pick apart a novel and realize a rather obscure passage's worth, and it shows you that all kinds of writing, in this case quite simple writing, can be great works of literature. By reading through this book, if you only look at the superficial details, you might think this book to be quite dull. However, if you begin to look deeper, you start to throughly appreciate this superficial look. It is something that awards only those who are careful and attentive with the knowledge and satisfaction of the small blueprints the author hid in the book. Through a thorough appreciation of this, we are then pushed to find significance in seemingly insignificant details in all other works of literature. Though this book is short and sweet, it hides a much larger tale. And because of this realization, one can come to learn to never judge the worth of a book based on the size of it.


My favorite Hemingway book (and I've read a lot of them).


Other thoughts/reviews:Peter Heirman (in Dutch):


Bored me stiff in high school. Am revisiting w/my book club -- much better (maybe b/c it's on cd & the narrator does a good job).


I'm not more clever about Hemingway, after reading Harold Bloom, but I now can see Hemingway widely, as I always like his short stories much better than his novels.


Try as I might, I just cannot get into this book! It has been required reading for at least three courses I've taken that I can remember, and each time I re-read it I think maybe this will be the time I dig it. Nope. Not yet. In fact my name for it is "The Old Fart and the Fish."

Nicole Kvale

When I read this one in high school, I was not that impressed. I reread it a few years ago during a campaign to reread things from high school, and was totally surprised at how good it was. I am glad I revisited it.

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