Essential Oils Desk Reference

ISBN: 0943685397
ISBN 13: 9780943685397
By: Essential Science Publishing

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Reader's Thoughts


Essential book for those using Young Living Products and interested in alternative therapies, particularly essential oils, to cure the mind, body and spirit.


This is the bible for essential oils! I have this book sitting by my computer all the time so I can answer questions for anyone who needs to know how to use this oil or that oil. It's an extremely valuable tool for anyone using oils - especially Young Living Essential Oils! In fact, I'd recommend at least two copies per person (if you're an avid oil user) - one big one to keep at home and a pocket reference guide to keep in your car or purse.


This book would be terrific if you were committed to using Young Life essential oils for everything! Very product focused. I read this for my continuing education credits for my license this year. I can't say I am any better versed in essential oils than before reading this resource. Too bad, it was expensive!

Sherry Frye

would like to read this book


I always refer to this book for any health issues. Essential oils are my first aid kit!


Excellent reference !


Well I guess I should mention the main book of the publishing company I have worked for for the past 5 years!I answer questions on this book every day! to order just call our customer service at 1(800)336-6308 8:30-5pm MST Monday through Friday.


This is the BEST book if you are interestd in using eessential oils! I LOVE This book and would reccomend it to anyone!


I marked this book as "read", but I think I will always be reading this book! Wonderful reference book! It gives information on single oils, blends, healing, Vita Flex ponts, Raindrop technique, Chemistry, Massage oils, Emotional healing, physical healing...I could go on and on. I LOVE this book!

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