Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics

ISBN: 1933328061
ISBN 13: 9781933328065
By: Evelyn Wood

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Reader's Thoughts

Andrei Stinga

Great book for those of us just starting to learn about speed reading. There is a great deal of material covering high school and college level reading and learning, but it does contain important techniques and exercises for you to learn and master. Some of the more important aspects covered in this book are hand motion and layering.I believe that with patience and a lot of practice you can really reach reading speeds of over 1000 wpm.


This is possibly the most underrated book of all time - for me, it works really well. 'Reading Dynamics' itself is short - it took me about two days of solid practice to become proficient enough to cut down on reading times without screwing up a page or having to backtrack. For me, this style of reading not only saves time, but also keeps me well focused. Focus level was somewhat of a problem before - I don't get the feeling of going back and rereading something, only to find holes in what I remember anymore.Even if it will just cut down your reading time by 30%, you'll still be able to read that many more books. "Speed reading" is kind of a stupid buzz word...all it's about is reading without a voice in your head and keeping your reading to two eye movements per line. Your brain can easily comprehend that fast, it just takes more skill-crafting and practice than ordinary reading.I'm pretty sure it's out of print, and is available for free online somewhere (her website?) - but it's likely to also be at your library.

John Sorensen

General techniques to increase your reading speed.

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