Exit to Eden

ISBN: 5550758733
ISBN 13: 9785550758731
By: Anne Rampling

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About this book

The same imagination that brought you the spellbinding sensuality of The Vampire Chronicles brings you the wickedly erotic and tantalizing tale of Lisa and Elliot's journey to the limits of pleasure and darkness at The Club, an exclusive island resort where forbidden fantasy meets willing flesh. A literary romp.

Reader's Thoughts

Eroti Cliterature

This was the first "adult" book I ever read... and what a great beginning it was. Anne's lush writing style and frank descriptions of sex drove my young brain and body into a fevered overdrive. I wanted to go to the island she described. I wanted to feel the sting of the crop on my legs. And when the two of them escaped to New Orleans, I wanted to experience the buttery nipples, dusted with cinnamon... It lit me on fire.The book took me places in my imagination that eventually led to my first satisfaction. I wanted to review it first because it was my first, and it opened my eyes to the possibilities of love that insipid cartoons and romance novels had held closed. I am so grateful this book existed, along with Belinda which I read immediately afterwards, because sometimes even fiction can still speak Truth.


my long comment was really a review, so I cut and pasted it here. This is really the book people shouldread instead of the incredibly bad and unrealistic (my kinky friends HATE it) Fifty Shades of Grey.I suspect not many people know about this book, as for years the author was listed as Anne Rampling, a pseudonym that Anne Rice used, for quite a few years, for her strictly erotic fiction. This has a bdsm setting, and is not for the prudish, but I did find it quite erotic, without being gross (the correct term is, I think, "squicked"). It's set mostly on an island run by a dominatrix, where visitors, (domme, sub or switch) can come, at a high fee, for a "fantasy island" type vacation. The head domme is a compelling, very sexy, and smart character, while the male protagonist (a visitor) wasn't as interesting or as three dimensional to me. There's real pain and submission involved, but no one gets maimed or permanently injured (there is one homosexual rape scene though (of the consensual, non-consent type, I suppose; somewhat like what Ayn Rand wrote for her female (straight, of course) characters, but more brutal), that some may find quite disturbing).If you've seen the movie, the novel has very little in common with it as the movie is a grossly watered down comedy for a mainstream ("vanilla") audience. (Parenthetically, I did enjoy the movie though (quite rare for someone who also read the novel, I think) as did a quite prudish former girl friend. Dana Delaney plays the head dominatrix in the movie and is very good in the role). The novel is not at all a comedy; I'd say it's an erotic, "relationship" story. I could never finish any of Rice's more famous vampire novels and was happy to have stumbled across this years ago. For a former Catholic school girl, she has quite an imagination (maybe BECAUSE she's a former Catholic school girl?) Anne Rice wrote other erotic novels (The Sleeping Beauty trilogy) using the name A. N. Roquelaure and these were even more unknown until quite recently.I've recently discovered that there's quite a recent cottage industry of women writers doing very similar things. A lot of them self-publish online and have astonishing high sale figures and earnings. Who knew (haven't read any of them yet)

Karen Klink

Characters are a bit flat but, oh well, this is erotica. A beautiful lady who manages the perfect BDSM island club. A handsome, man-of-the world who signs a contract to be a "slave" at same. Each looking for something they have never found elsewhere. Hmm. What do you suppose happens? That part is predictable. Getting there is loads of fun, if you like this sort of thing. I do when it is as decently written as this.Rice is one of the queens at writing erotica, or was at the time of writing this one. I believe she is also one of the best at writing sumptuous settings that make a reader feel as though she is there.I was also intrigued by the message: Whatever two consenting adults do is their own business—anything goes as long as no one is permanently injured. Would there be less violence in the world if more individuals were allowed to work out their secret urges this way? I wonder.Halfway through, the novel turns into a road trip romance with no BDSM, so if you are looking for lots of BDSM, this one isn't for you.Recommended as a great bit of escapism that contains a little more than your typical erotica.


honestly? i don't think i need to say anything more than this booked sucked so very bad.

Gennifer Holland

I don't know why I thought this shitty book was going to be any better than Rice's Beauty trilogy. Anne Rice can't write steamy erotica if her life depended on it. I hate how her ideas of "hot" always revolve around some aspect of non-consent. Maybe I would find it arousing if there was actual sex in this book and not just page after page of boring exchanges and embarrassing descriptions of what goes on at this "sex club". BDSM this is not, and it sure as hell isn't arousing in the least.

Tom Angelo

This is the first B & D type Fiction book I ever read. I have to say it was pretty good and held my attention nicely. Whatever you do....do NOT see the Movie that was made with the same title ! Garry Marshall absolutely butchered the Movie by trying to turn it into a Comedy. To make things worse....he cast Rosie O'Donnell in it. However, Dana Delaney did a good job as the lead character Lisa. If you ever wondered what the Coroner in "Body of Proof" looks like decked out as a Dominatrix....Dana looks fabulous ! Seeing the Movie made me appreciate the Book very much.

Delicious Strawberry

I can say that I definitely liked this book much, much, much better than the Sleeping Beauty novels by the same author. Seriously, Anne Rice should have made a trilogy out of this story instead. Here, we have slavery, but the slaves are willing adults who do so because they WANT to be dominated and so on.In this book, while not entirely realistic, does show the world of BDSM better, and in a much more balanced way than the Sleeping Beauty novels. There are a few silly scenes, like the cinnamon and butter, but overall I found this book to be much more realistic and enjoyable, with characters that one could connect to, unlike Beauty. I liked how the characters of Eli and Lisa were illustrated, with their inner conflicts and self-discovery, the flashbacks also helped this story.Overall I would say this is a decent book. Not Ms. Rice's best by any means, but I still give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.


I'm not great at writing book reviews, but here goes...I LOVED this book....right up to the last 1/4. It was sexy and provocative and everything you'd want in a book of this type. It had SO much promise. .....And then it turned into a moderately schmaltzy romance novel. Don't get me wrong, I understand (sort of) why the book went in the direction it did. People change. Your way of looking at life changes. And I LIKED the way it ended. I didn't LOVE the way it ended.I like how you get to know the characters. Even if you don't get into the S&M/B&D scene personally, you can begin to understand why it can be appealing to the people who do. All in all, I liked it. A lot. And I would recommend it. Its not to every taste. But I think if you can get your head around the premise, which will be easier for some than others, you'll enjoy this book.

David Schwan

A number of people I know recommended this, telling how great a novel it was. It is a OK novel, not great, not bad, but it definitely did not live up to the recommendations. I think Anne Rice (the author) is at her best describing her characters world, their surroundings and this book is good at that. I suppose part of my disappointment was the predictable cardboard like characters of this book. Anne Rice goes on later in her career with some very memorable characters, this book did not have them. I would guess that part of the "cult" status of this book had to do with "The Club" and the world surrounding it.


I read this after my friend had me read Fifty Shades of Grey. I figured, Anne Rice wrote about this stuff a while ago, and I like Anne Rice. I'd disagree with those who said the writing was poor-- Anne Rice can really write. I like how she puts words together, in a very contrasting way. One phrase was 'pulchritudinously fuckable.' I can imagine that it will be mandatory reading on a class entitled Late Twentieth Century Sexuality or The Development of Sexuality from the 1920s to the Present in some UC Berkeley or NYU English lit classroom in thirty years. I'd put it in the class of 'good' erotica because its not about sex: it uses sex as a vehicle to talk about sense of self and intimacy and human relationships after what is implied to be a mildly abusive or negligent childhood (not abusive or negligent in such a way as to be criminal, but in such a way that one recognizes that the effect is profound), and also about the particular universally human problem of falling in love with somebody. If all you got from the book was 'kinky sex,' I don't think you're getting it. That being said, there's fairly explicit and unusual sex, so if that's disturbing, I would recommend that you avoid this book.

Katandra Jackson

One word. DeliciouslyWicked ;-)

Lisa Weber

This is a novel that explores aspects of S&D/B&D and some of the psychology behind these preferences. A handsome, successful young man sets off on the adventure of his lifetime, to become a submissive sexual slave on a private island which houses "The Club". There, he meets his ideal dominatrix.While I can see the attraction this would have for some (this is a great fantasy idea), I myself vacillated between interest and repulsion for much of the book. I like hot sex scenes and consensual B&D, but I find deliberate belittlement and depracation repugnant, and not at all exciting. It's a fine line and a matter of personal taste. Ann Rice, in the guise of her alter egos, likes to explore the world of submission and dominance in directions that are fascinating in some ways, but not really to my personal taste. I'm mystified by those reviews that claim this book isn't graphic. Nuh-uh, it's graphic. It isn't wall-to-wall hardcore porn, but there are definitely graphic sex scenes. Nothing wrong with that, just be aware of it if you don't want a sexual book. Finally, the book's ending really bothered me. without including spoilers, the shift from fantasy porn to harlequin romance really bothered me. It was as if she glued 2 completely separate books together. Bad choice.


One good thing about traveling is that you often have to read whatever comes your way and are more likely to have to stick with it. Not to say that I wouldn't read smut back home, but there is no way I could justify finishing this turd of a book if I had access to my local library and my own bookshelf. So anyway, WEALTH, there is nothing more boring (not to mention revolting) than a bunch of rich porknobs who are wallowing in the shit. The main character, Elliot, is a rich playboy who was spoiled rotten by his father, who bought him expensive whores and young boys and whatever to play with. He lived a life full of adventure tossing his daddy's money around, one that we all could only dream of. Through his father's connections, he also became a photojournalist who covered the war in Beirut, where he saw all kinds of the horrors of war and photographed them, only to big-heartedly become famous. After witnessing all this horror but not being able to participate in it, he became a masochist fetishizing the pain he never experienced or was able to inflict when covering war. So he spends more of his father's money to be a slave on an island of wealthy perverts to fulfill this fetish. In the meantime, in spite of his hard, worldly, rugged heart, he falls for his master or spankstress or whatever on this fantasy island. Not stranger to old money herself, she also founded and runs this island of spankers, where she's the iron-willed dom in charge. But they both go soft for each other and fall in love so deeply over a couple of days that they take off from this island paradise and run around the states throwing money at limousines and five star restaurants and elaborate hotels and dumb rich people bullshit while reverting to a tender vanilla sex relationship. Elliot reads his love passages from his favorite book "On The Road" while a limo waits in the lobby with no apparent awareness of the irony. OK, so this book is really dumb. I need say no more. But what really stands out and moves me to write about it all is the fact that these characters suck. They've seen no real struggle and wallowed in money their whole lives and are as boring and one-dimensional as hell, in spite of being lucky enough to live rich lives full of experience. But this is fantasy, so apparently, a lot of people are so obsessed with wealth and power that they get off on reading about such dirtbags and feeling the twist of the knife when they can't pay their bills. Maybe they fantasize about such a life for themselves. It was odd to me that in a genre fiction escape novel such as this, the reader would prefer characters who have had no obstacles to overcome whatsoever and fetishize the wealth and ease of some trust fund babies. Weird. I just found the whole thing to be completely confounding and insulting. The real masochism in this book is what your average reader experiences when they read this crap while struggling to get by.To think I came away with all of this; if I had been at home I would've just skipped to the dirty parts.Here's a couple of quotes, just for the hell of it: "The cabin was OK. Rich, brown leather armchairs, mirrors all over the place, large bunk with too many cushions, built-in video monitor with a library of films on laserdisc under it. Sherlock Holmes of all things and the erotic classics "Story of O", "Justine", "Claiming of Sleeping Beauty" Beauty's Punishment", "Romance of the Rod"." An author has license to plug two of her own books as classics in her own book, right?"'Can I get get you a drink, sir?' The flight attendant bent down close to my ear.The two Latin Americans-I was sure that is what they were-had turned to each other a little more sharply, the conversation rising to shut everything out.'Yeah,' I said disgustedly, glaring at the lumpy men and Lisa sitting next to them."Hmmm...


I wanted to like this, I really did. I'm sure more people have picked this up after the huge success of the SHADES trilogy. However, I read Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Trilogy over 10 years ago and loved it. So for those of you who are searching for another of her erotic novels because you loved everything about Sleeping Beauty...don't waste your time. More like a boring and drawn-out romance novel than anything.


I'm still feeling the aftershocks from this book. You know, the aftershocks- when you put a book down and you have goosebumps on your arms and legs, and there's that internal shudder of satisfaction and the final release of tension that had built up as the pages became fewer and fewer towards the end of the book. Aftershocks, the physical proof that a book just rocked my world!With that intro, I'm sure you've realized that I love this book. It's sexy with a story line, imagine that. If, when you close your eyes at night, visions of spanking, bondage and slave play dance in your head, then I recommend you read this book. Actually, what am I thinking? ...you probably already have this book. So, those of you thinking that you may like a little swat on the bottom, this is the book for you. It's graphic, but not raunchy. It's sexy, but not slutty. It's geniusly written and easily devoured. Pre-born-again-Christian Anne Rice is the BEST (and her post-Christianity self is pretty badass too and her views on Christianity are dead on).The main character, Lisa, is the founder and head mistress at The Club- a very (very very very) exclusive island resort for those wanting to live out their dom/sub fantasies. But when she falls in love with Elliott, her submissive, things get messy as she fights with her emotions, and struggles with the delicate balance between her work and personal life. This sounds kinda boring (cliche?) but believe me when I say that shit gets crazy. But what I really liked about this book was how fluid everyone's sexuality is. There's no drama: girls like girls and boys like boys and girls like boys and girls and every combination in between. Love is love and sex is sex. Whatever the motivation, all are excepted. If only real life could be that accepting. Here is an amazing quote from the book:"You know, Lisa, very few of us anymore get through life without a dramatic bid for freedom. That dramatic bid is the hallmark of our times. But most of us never really reach our goal. We get stuck halfway between the morass of myth and morality we left behind and the utopia on which we've set our sights. That's where you are, stuck between that dismal, repressive Catholic morality you came from and the vision of a world in which no form of love is a sin."*heart flutter*Can't we all just get along? lol, but seriously, I fucking love that quote and that is my vision of (for) the world too. So, I give Anne Rice's Exit to Eden two enthusiastic thumbs up! One thumb for its sexy, delicious pages and the other for letting me live in this beautifully accepting world, only if it lasted 377 pages.xx CaraPs. Are you familiar with The Sleeping Beauty Chronicles? Did you know Anne Rice has 2 pseudonyms and writes the most damn sexy books ever under them: Anne Rampling and A. N. Roquelaure? I really strongly urge you to find these books and rub them all over your body... oh, and read them ;) http://www.bibliobabes.ca/May_2011_Ca...

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